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Our investment approach

Our approach is to combine deep and considered thinking with decisive and timely action."

Andreas Utermann,
CEO and Global CIO

Allianz Global Investors is committed to active investment across a broad range of investment capabilities and styles. Our distinct and entrepreneurial investment teams bring deep knowledge of the markets in which they invest. They manage portfolios designed to deliver consistent performance through thoughtful and disciplined investment processes. Whether the starting point is quantitatively based research or analysts "kicking tyres" at management one-on-one meetings and factory floor visits, whether the focus is on dividends and value or superior growth prospects of companies or whether it is balance sheet and macroeconomic analysis, it is our portfolio managers' understanding that leads to success.
We offer equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset strategies. Our expertise stretches from the developed world to emerging markets; from single country to global strategies; from thematic to sector portfolios.
We complement our understanding of capital markets with an advanced approach to risk management. We share our thinking on risk with our clients and commit to working closely together, where needed, to develop an individual risk management strategy that suits their needs precisely. To do this, we move beyond monitoring historic portfolio risk to a holistic risk assessment and risk management. This includes exposure limits and market, liquidity, pricing, counterparty and operational risks.
Our investment thinking is rooted in our purpose: to help our clients achieve their investment goals. Across all our investment strategies, there is a common belief that insightfulness and understanding will give us an advantage.
We treasure and cultivate our diverse sources of understanding. These may come from any part of our company: from our quantitative analysts; from the entrepreneurial insight of a tech sector portfolio manager well connected within Silicon Valley; or from the deep understanding of one of our specialists in high yield or emerging markets.
We place great importance on proprietary research but again diversity is important. Many of our investment professionals are on the ground in local markets and their proprietary research is structured and shared to build understanding across the company. Other teams rely on quantitative research and data analysis. All our portfolio managers, however they achieve it, are convinced that it is deep understanding that helps them take the decisions that drive performance.
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