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Our knowledge and research

We employ over 550 investment professionals worldwide¹. Driven by our conviction that insight and understanding are the keys to investment success, we place unusual importance on the value of research and the sharing of intellectual capital. Our portfolio managers draw on the work of our economists, strategists and company analysts. We currently have over 100 analysts conducting over 5,000 company meetings each year, and specialist teams focused on industry sectors and speciality asset classes including currencies, high yield, convertibles and derivatives.

As our business has evolved – growing more complex and global – we have come to expect more from our research teams. It challenges our analysts to work more closely with the portfolio managers in order to better understand how research can contribute to each strategy.

Steven J. Berexa,
Global CIO Equity

Another source of understanding is GrassrootsSM Research², our specialist investigative research. Grassroots combines the work of more than 50 reporters and 300 field investigators, who conduct over 350 company and industry studies each year.
We make a point of complementing knowledge with action. So we ensure that all our portfolio managers have swift access to all our research, available on a single platform. We organise our company so that our understanding flows quickly and continuously through our global network. We have everything in place to identify, discuss, evaluate and communicate investment opportunities. Often it is through discussion and sharing of perspectives that we can develop the understanding that gives us an advantage. Our networked approach allows us to do this faster and to act ahead of the crowd.

The insights from our research feed into our investment strategies and allow us to better serve our clients, wherever they may be in the world"

Neil Dwane,
Global Strategist

How we share our knowledge with clients and the industry
We begin with understanding. Then we act quickly to share our insights with clients. Professional and private investors need to know how major trends and specific investment stories are playing out, in their own markets or globally. For example, they may need to know about developments in the pension industry around the world, or to share in the latest thinking on diversification in risk management strategies. They may benefit from knowing about the effects of increasing longevity, or the growth of new investment markets.
While developing our understanding of the economy and financial markets, we also welcome our role of thought leadership in the investment industry. Today, our people are seen as being at the forefront of industry developments, and a reliable source of counsel and new ideas on subjects ranging from regulatory reform to environmental, social and governance issues.
1. Data as of December 2015.

2. GrassrootsSM Research is a division within the Allianz Global Investors group of companies that commissions investigative research for asset-management professionals. Research data used to generate Grassroots ResearchSM reports are received from reporters and field force investigators who work as independent, third party research providers, supplying research that is paid for by commissions generated by trades executed on behalf of clients.


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