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Hong Kong Investment Forum 



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AllianzGI investment professionals from around the globe recently gathered in Hong Kong to discuss the changing nature of the equity market and the secular implications for active investment returns. We also debated on the role of technology in companies and industries as well as the benefits to investors.

Topic Presenter
Review of conclusions from previous Investment Forums: Where do we stand?​ Andreas Utermann, Global CIO
Equity portfolio management: A requirement for higher active returns​ ​ Andreas Utermann, Global CIO
Lucy MacDonald, CIO Global Equities
Scott Migliori, CIO Equity US
Raymond Chan, CIO Equity Asia Pacific
Klaus Teloeken, CIO Systematic Equity
Illiquid alternative investments​ ​ ​​Reinhold Hafner, risklab GmbH
Armin Sandhoevel, CIO Infrastructure Equity
Deborah Zurkow, CIO Infrastructure Debt
Actuality of capital markets ​​Stefan Hofrichter, Chief Economist
Rob Parenteau, Economist & External Adviser
Neil Dwane, CIO Equity Europe
How can investors benefit from disruptive new technologies​ ​?​ Jacques Bughin, McKinsey
Steve Berexa, Global Head of Research​
AllianzGI investment themes: How are they reflected in portfolios​? Raymond Chan, CIO Equity Asia Pacific
Neil Dwane, CIO Equity Europe
Scott Migliori, CIO Equity US
Ben Fischer, CIO NFJ
David Tan, CIO Fixed Income Asia Pacific
Franck Dixmier, CIO Fixed Income Europe
Doug Forsyth, CIO Fixed Income US
Greg Saichin, CIO Emerging Market Debt
Herold Rohweder, Global CIO Multi Asset
Steve Sexauer, CIO Multi Asset US
Matthias Müller, CIO Multi Asset- Active Allocation Strategies
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