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Active Investors Thrive on Creative Destruction 

Hans Jörg Naumer 


Hans-Jörg Naumer


As disruption factors into investment decisions in this post-election period, Hans-Jörg Naumer reminds us of the "creative power of destruction." This is precisely the environment where active investors can apply their skills and sort out the winners.

Highlights from Hong Kong

The highlights from our recent Investment Forum in Hong Kong included not just our outlook on geopolitics, but also the impact of technological disruption. Both will continue to occupy the capital markets for quite some time to come, a fact of which we were reminded, not least, by the first political steps taken by the new US president.

Donald Trump has raised doubts not just about the entire Western alliance policy, but about globalization in general—and with it, the mechanism providing competition and comparative locational advantages that constitutes a win-win situation for all stakeholders. This is about much more than China, by the way, which also featured into our Investment Forum agenda. Our discussion on how China's capital markets are increasingly opening up was fascinating.

Now that the exuberant post-election market optimism is beginning to fade, reality is reasserting itself
Following a phase of almost exuberant optimism while waiting for Trump's fiscal-policy measures, reality is now reasserting itself. Meanwhile, geopolitics remain on the agenda as we wait for further details on Brexit, parliamentary elections in the Netherlands (in March) and presidential elections in France (in April).

The case for riskier asset classes

The only constant among all these variables seems to be global monetary policy, although just how immutable it ultimately proves to be remains to be seen. Trump's criticism of US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's policy makes one wonder whether the interest-rate curve might not turn out to be steeper than expected. There is, however, no denying that anyone wanting a weaker US dollar is not going to want a more restrictive monetary policy.

By contrast, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is facing rising inflation rates in the euro zone, which makes it increasingly unlikely there will be an extension beyond December 2017 of his bond purchase program in its current form. Nevertheless, the major central banks are persisting with their expansionary monetary policies, and the phase of low/negative interest rates cannot be expected to end anytime soon.

On the upside, economic indicators in virtually all the key regions have been painting an increasingly friendly picture in recent weeks.

Active stockpicking is needed to filter out the winners of technological change
management is the order of the day if disruption is to evolve into Joseph Schumpeter's idea of the creative power of destruction: Active stockpicking is needed to filter out the winners of technological change, and active selection of investment segments will enable investors to take advantage of market volatility. Above and beyond any disruption, monetary policy, economic development and corporate earnings should favor riskier asset classes.

The material contains the current opinions of the author, which are subject to change without notice. Statements concerning financial market trends are based on current market conditions, which will fluctuate. References to specific securities and issuers are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, recommendations to purchase or sell such securities. Forecasts and estimates have certain inherent limitations, and are not intended to be relied upon as advice or interpreted as a recommendation.

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