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After two years of austerity and political handwringing, Europe remains embroiled in a debilitating debt crisis. Greece's failed elections have raised the stakes and renewed fears that it will leave the euro zone. Our experts keep you up to speed.
Is Another Euro-Zone Crisis Brewing?
Neil Dwane   07/15/2013
Political instability, austerity pain, funding troubles and rising interest costs have reemerged to threaten the stability of the euro zone. Investors should be prepared to buy on the dip, says CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane.


Why Europe's Credit Ratings Won't Budge
David Manoux   06/27/2013
Barring a bank collapse or a breakup of the euro zone, individual countries' credit ratings are likely to stay put, says David Manoux, head of credit research.


Putting the Plan to Fix the Euro into Practice
Stefan Hofrichter   06/25/2013
Following through on Mario Draghi's pledge to do "whatever it takes" to save the euro zone requires a full banking union and greater political collaboration, says Stefan Hofrichter, chief economist.


Is Cyprus the New Bailout Blueprint?
Neil Dwane   3/28/2013
Forcing bank depositors to chip in to pay sovereign debt could be the new template for the euro zone. If seizing assets is fair game, it will disrupt markets and prompt a flight from troubled banks, says Neil Dwane, CIO Equity Europe.


Cyprus ‘Bailout’ Taboo Explained
Stefan Hofrichter   3/20/2013
Stefan Hofrichter, chief economist at Allianz Global Investors, discusses the latest chapter in the euro-zone debt crisis, including precedent-setting rescue measures, why tiny Cyprus matters in a global context and what it means for the markets.


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