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Read timely and insightful commentary on the market and the economy from our deep lineup of talented portfolio managers, product specialists and thought leaders.
Andreas Utermann

Central Bank Policy Divide to Widen

2014 Mid-Year Global Outlook


Economies worldwide are faced with different pressures and paces of recovery, which will give rise to diverging monetary policies, writes Global CIO Andreas Utermann in his outlook for the second half of 2014.

David Tan

India, Indonesia Bonds Showing Strong Potential


Despite last year’s currency rout in India and Indonesia, proactive government actions are turning things around, says David Tan. Factor in solid ratings and high yields, and their sovereign bonds and currencies could be an attractive play.

Klaus Teloeken

What Happened to Momentum Stocks?


Despite the recent and broad-based underperformance in momentum stocks, Co-CIO Systematic Equity Klaus Teloeken says there are no clear underlying fundamental causes, so there’s no need to expect these names will suffer for long.

Andreas Utermann

Back to the Future


To some market watchers, the global economic recovery is on the same disinflationary path as Japan in the ’90s. But Global CIO Andreas Utermann highlights critical differences between then and now, including speedy accommodation from central banks.

Kristina Hooper

FOMC Reveals Few Surprises


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper breaks down the June 18 FOMC announcement, including what it means for markets, monetary policy and investors.

Kristina Hooper

May Jobs Report: 4 Key Takeaways


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper analyzes the May employment report, including what it means for monetary policy, markets and investors.

John Schroer

Biotech Outlook Remains Strong Despite Recent Selloff


The recent biotech selloff has led to concerns about the sector’s health, but John Schroer, Sector Head of Health Care, thinks innovative companies will ultimately drive long-term earnings growth and share prices.

Neil Dwane

Choosing the Right Asset Class for Retirement


CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane examines how different asset classes affect investors’ ability to meet their long-term goals. Stocks have the most potential to outplace inflation and may make the best choice to prepare for a long retirement.

Sell in May and Go Away?


The uneven economic recovery and weak earnings growth are just a few of the headwinds pushing against equities this year, says Global CIO Andreas Utermann, but central bank support is keeping the outlook for risk assets strong.

Scott Migliori

What’s Driving the Rotation in US Equities?

Perspective on the US


Although the markets seem to be moving steadily forward, a turbulent shift in leaders and laggards has taken place behind the scenes, says CIO Equity US Scott Migliori. Is this a sign of the markets topping out or a false alarm on the path to new heights?

Kristina Hooper

4 Key Takeaways from the Jobs Report


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper breaks down the April employment report, including what it means for monetary policy, markets and investors.

Scott Migliori

Stock Picking with a True Believer


Scott Migliori, manager of AllianzGI Focused Growth Fund, credits high-conviction, concentrated growth bets for the fund’s recent outperformance. Investor's Business Daily says it is a “top fund” that takes big bets on his best ideas.

Neil Dwane

Strong Growth Prospects for Europe as Recession Ends



CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says there are several reasons to be optimistic about European equities: the recession is ending, the euro is strong and many high-quality companies in the euro zone have been overlooked by investors.

Andreas Utermann

The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Financial Markets


With the central bank “put” still in place, Global CIO Andreas Utermann says markets may continue being nonchalant about turmoil in Crimea, but a newly belligerent Russia on Europe’s doorstep should bring the EU closer together.

Peter Lefkin

The Price of Meaningful Tax Reform


Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, takes a look under the hood of the proposed Tax Reform Act of 2014 and why, regardless of its fate, it’s a blueprint for the future and a sobering conversation worth having.


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