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Neil Dwane

Strong Growth Prospects for Europe as Recession Ends



CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says there are several reasons to be optimistic about European equities: the recession is ending, the euro is strong and many high-quality companies in the euro zone have been overlooked by investors.

Andreas Utermann

The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Financial Markets


With the central bank “put” still in place, Global CIO Andreas Utermann says markets may continue being nonchalant about turmoil in Crimea, but a newly belligerent Russia on Europe’s doorstep should bring the EU closer together.

Peter Lefkin

The Price of Meaningful Tax Reform


Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, takes a look under the hood of the proposed Tax Reform Act of 2014 and why, regardless of its fate, it’s a blueprint for the future and a sobering conversation worth having.

WSJ: “More Investors Are Drawn to Dividends”


Investors worried about a slowing economy are playing defense by piling into dividend-paying stocks, says The Wall Street Journal. The reason? The income can cushion major downswings, plus many companies have been boosting payouts to shareholders.

Kristina Hooper

3 Key Takeaways from the Jobs Report


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper breaks down the March employment report, including what it means for monetary policy, markets and investors.

Ben Fischer

How to Play a Yellen-Led Fed With Dividends


Portfolio manager Ben Fischer explains the role dividend-paying stocks play in portfolios at a time when the Fed’s unwinding QE and a bull run in equities is maturing. Plus, how NFJ should perform if there’s a correction and where he’s finding bargains.

Kristina Hooper

4 Key Takeaways from the FOMC Meeting


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper highlights the implications of the Fed’s decision to ditch the 6.5% unemployment rate target for raising short-term interest rates and to continue tapering asset purchases by $10 billion a month.

Neil Dwane

Keeping a Long-Term Focus in the Midst of Market Storms


CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says the hunt for returns in a financially repressive environment gets easier when savers remember the crucial role compounding plays in long-term investing.

Raymond Chan

Where to Invest in India Today


Markets are optimistic that India’s May elections will usher in a reform-minded government, writes Raymond Chan. But a complicated political landscape makes it important to invest in proven companies that know how to navigate volatility.

Shlomo Benartzi

A MyRA Makeover for Retirement Savers


Auto-enrollment in retirement plans is a great start. But the real key is auto-escalation, which boosts savings as time goes on, helping to avoid later shortfalls, writes behavioral finance expert Shlomo Benartzi in Pensions & Investments.

The Job Market in 5 Charts


The bull run in equities since the financial crisis has hit its five-year anniversary. But the labor market, while making strides, hasn’t enjoyed as much improvement as the stock market. Here’s the state of the employment situation in five simple charts.

Kristina Hooper

Jobs Upside Surprise Should Work for Investors


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper delivers a quick take on the February employment report and what it means for markets and the Fed.

David Tan

Asian Bonds Have Performed Well in Rising-Rate Environments



Rising Treasury yields in 2014 won’t necessarily mean negative total returns for Asian bonds, says CIO Fixed Income Asia Pacific David Tan. Yield carry, local-currency returns and widely diverging economies should make the difference.

How the Ukraine Conflict Impacts Investors


Global CIO Andreas Utermann and Global Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter break down the Russian incursion and what it means for developed and emerging markets, oil prices and Europe’s banking system.

Kristina Hooper

Chilly Jobs Report Won’t Tamper With Tapering


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper breaks down the January employment report, including what it means for the Federal Reserve’s plans to taper its asset purchases and the key takeaways for investors.


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