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Read timely and insightful commentary on the market and the economy from our deep lineup of talented portfolio managers, product specialists and thought leaders.
Andreas Utermann

A Sharpened Focus on Delivering Alpha


Global CIO Andreas Utermann sums up our latest Investment Forum: As investors face slow growth, low interest rates and rising market volatility, employing active management and avoiding cheap beta may hold the key to generating returns.

Steve Malin

Why You Should Discount What FOMC Members Say


Investors surprised by the FOMC's decision to delay rate hikes might not have been reading its official statements closely enough, says Investment Strategist Steve Malin. Here are four factors to watch to help you anticipate future policy actions.

4 Takeaways from the Jobs Report


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team digs into the data to explore the implications for inflation and Fed tightening.

Peter Lefkin

What Boehner's Retirement Means for the Shutdown

Inside the Beltway


In a new commentary, Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, says that John Boehner will probably reach one last deal with Democrats—likely averting another D.C. crisis—before stepping down from his speakership.

Why Standard Risk Measurements Don't Add Up


For most people, bad surprises loom larger than good ones, but that fact is missing from risk measures like standard deviation. In a new paper, the Center for Behavioral Finance investigates how people perceive risk and what it means for investors.

US Economy Continues Growth Despite Pressure


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team unearths four nuggets from today's GDP release.

Kristina Hooper

Why the Fed Kept Rates 'Lower for Longer' Yet Again


As a divided FOMC continues sitting on its collective hands, our experts analyze what's going on behind the scenes and outline the investment implications of the Fed's latest inaction.

Peter Lefkin

First, Do No Harm

Inside the Beltway


Congress returns from summer recess but expectations are low for meaningful progress, writes Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America. Will the next debt-ceiling debate be more contentious than the last one?

3 Takeaways From the Jobs Report


Our Capital Markets & Strategy team puts the August employment report in perspective ahead of the Federal Reserve’s September meeting.

Global Strategic Outlook

Timely Insights from Our Global Strategic Outlook


Every quarter, we publish timely insights into economies, markets and asset classes from our team of investment professionals. Here are our latest views on what’s in store for the global economy, the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Summer Selloff

Keeping a Cool Head Amid the Summer Selloff


Our experts weigh in on extreme stock-market volatility on the heels of China's recent currency devaluation and interest-rate cut, which amplified fears over sluggish global growth, stretched valuations and the timing of Fed liftoff. Get up to speed.

GDP Pushes Fed a Little Closer to Liftoff


Five key takeaways from today's advance report on second-quarter GDP growth.

Kristina Hooper

5 Keys to the FOMC Announcement


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the FOMC's July statement and its implications for monetary policy.

Ben Fischer

For the Fed, Later Liftoff Is Likely

2015 Midyear Outlook


CIO NFJ Ben Fischer discusses the economic backdrop for the second half of the year, the implications for monetary policy and where he’s finding attractively priced dividend-paying stocks.

What to Expect in the Second Half

Outlooks and Investment Implications from Our Experts


How will rising rates affect the US economy and markets? Which risks are most worth watching? Our CIOs discuss a range of challenges and opportunities for investors, and Kristina Hooper provides five timely tips on asset allocation.


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Market Insights 



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