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Read timely and insightful commentary on the market and the economy from our deep lineup of talented portfolio managers, product specialists and thought leaders.
Robbie Miles

The DAO: Do Nothing, and Nothing is Left Undone


Robbie Miles examines the world of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and how this leaderless collective—automated by a set of laws enshrined in its algorithms—is inspiring a radically new type of governance structure.

Marie-Sybille Connan

Methane: The Next Frontier for Fossil Fuel Emissions


Carbon dioxide emissions have taken up all the air, so to speak, in discussions on climate change. But Marie-Sybille Connan says the message must also get through on methane, which is the second-biggest greenhouse gas and also valuable in its own right.

Mike Riddell

Will the Falling Pound Cushion Brexit's Blow?


Britain's economy didn't roll over post-Brexit, but the pound has dropped in response to increasingly tough political rhetoric about a "hard" exit. Mike Riddell wonders whether a further drop in sterling might prompt the government to soften its stance.

Marissa Blankenship

FinTech: Buzzing About Blockchain


Blockchain technology has surged past cybersecurity, mobile payments and cloud computing to become the most innovative new technology in financial-services—and one that is particularly promising for ESG-focused investors, according to Marissa Blankenship.

Neil Dwane

The End of Independence for the Bank of Japan


Japan's imposition of yield-curve controls marks the moment that monetary policy became subservient to government policy. Neil Dwane says "fiscal dominance" is a dangerous successor to financial repression–not just for investors, but for economies too.

Peter Lefkin

Trump’s Victory: Shocking But Not Entirely Surprising

Inside the Beltway


In a presidential election that grew more shocking with each passing week, the results from last night somehow seem fitting. Peter Lefkin reviews how it happened and explains why almost everyone was wrong in predicting the outcome of the 2016 election.

Election Results

Trump's Triumph in an Uncertain World


The incoming US president is a political outsider who wants to make his presence known and upend the status quo. While the markets may like some of Trump's ideas, they value certainty more—and that will be in short supply.

Kristina Hooper

What Investors Need to Know About the Next US President


Not long after this historic election is over, one of the candidates will actually start governing. Kristina Hooper analyzes Trump’s and Clinton’s views on fiscal spending, taxes, regulation and more to help investors position their portfolios.

Peter Lefkin

An Open Letter to the Next US President

Inside the Beltway


As the candidates make their final pitch to a restive electorate, it bears repeating that real leadership is needed on a growing host of critical issues. To that end, Peter Lefkin pens an open letter to the next US president, whoever it may be.

Doug Forsyth

Risk Assets Boosted by Hunt for Income and Total Return


Despite a volatile start to the year and a brief Brexit-related setback, risk assets like high-yield bonds, convertibles and equities have continued their upward climb. Doug Forsyth details the multiple factors fuelling their strong performance.

Kristina Hooper

In Clinton vs. Trump Race, Bet on Infrastructure


The presidential candidates don't often see eye to eye, but they both agree that the US needs to fix its crumbling infrastructure. Our infographic shows how infrastructure spending could pay off for the economy—and how investors could take advantage.

Stefan Hofrichter

'Risky' and 'Safe' Assets Can't Both Keep Winning


Asset classes across the risk/reward spectrum have performed strongly in 2016, but something has to give, according to Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter. He says it’s the relatively safer assets that are eventually going to lose out.

Peter Lefkin

US Election 2016: A Vote Against the Other

Inside the Beltway


As summer fades, the 2016 US presidential race enters its fraught and final stretch. Amid this most contentious of political contests, Peter Lefkin notes a sad resignation among voters, who are driven by rancor for the other side more than anything else.

Neil Dwane

ACTive Returns with Alpha, Conviction and Tenacity


In his roundup of our latest Investment Forum, Neil Dwane says growth will stay low while central banks suppress yields and politics boost uncertainty. In this environment, investors’ returns will be driven by their ability to accept risk and stay active.

Steve Malin

Policymakers and Businesses Confront Reality: Adapt or Die

Under the Macroscope


As the fourth industrial revolution proceeds, businesses will increasingly be forced to adapt or die, says our Fed expert Steve Malin. Fusing of technologies will open vast new opportunities for investors as new companies emerge in new industries.


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