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What to Expect in the Second Half

Outlooks and Investment Implications from Our Experts


How will rising rates affect the US economy and markets? Which risks are most worth watching? Our CIOs discuss a range of challenges and opportunities for investors, and Kristina Hooper provides five timely tips on asset allocation.

Ben Fischer

For the Fed, Later Liftoff Is Likely

2015 Midyear Outlook


CIO NFJ Ben Fischer discusses the economic backdrop for the second half of the year, the implications for monetary policy and where he’s finding attractively priced dividend-paying stocks.

Scott Migliori

Pending Fed Action a Buy Signal for US Stocks

2015 Midyear Outlook


If rates rise this year, it will be for equity-friendly reasons, writes CIO Equity US Scott Migliori. Investors might want to "buy the news" and overweight health care, tech and other sectors not sensitive to global growth concerns.

Andreas Utermann

Analyzing 3 Factors Driving Global Markets

2015 Midyear Outlook


Global CIO Andreas Utermann outlines the investment implications of key market movers as we enter the second half of 2015: the spike in bond yields, Greece's debt crisis and China's equity woes.

Giorgio Carlino

Managing Known and Unknown Risks

2015 Midyear Outlook


After a dynamic first six months of 2015, Co-CIO Multi Asset US Giorgio Carlino assesses a range of risks for investors to watch: central-bank policies, currency volatility, reflationary pressures and the "unknown unknowns."

Doug Forsyth

Follow the Facts, Not the Fed

2015 Midyear Outlook


Rate-watchers should note that the Fed will hike rates only when the economy is ready, says CIO US Income & Growth Strategies Doug Forsyth. And history shows that, on average, risk assets have performed well both before and after initial rate hikes.

Kristina Hooper

5 Second-Half Tips for Investors

2015 Midyear Outlook


The last six months of 2015 are looking a lot like last year's back half, says US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper, with the potential for greater economic growth and added downside risks. Now's the time to check portfolios and make adjustments.

Neil Dwane

3 Key Themes Powering European Stocks

2015 Midyear Outlook


What's next for European equities after a strong first half of the year? CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says rising M&A activity, a weaker euro and the long-awaited great rotation from bonds to stocks add up to a clear opportunity for investors.

Klaus Teloeken

Investment Styles to Watch in Second Half

2015 Midyear Outlook


Global equities had a solid start while key macro trend reversals turned last year's winning investment strategies on their ears, writes Co-CIO Systematic Equity Klaus Teloeken. Look to value and small cap to reign in the coming environment.

Greg Tournent

What Volatility Really Means

2015 Midyear Outlook


Despite predictions of a jump in 2015, the VIX has historically shown the ability to stay lower than many believe possible. CIO US Structured Products Greg Tournant explains the root causes and implications of volatility in today’s market environment.

Lu Yu

Emerging-Market Equities Poised for Success


Portfolio Manager Lu Yu says this is an exciting time for EM stocks—which may offer higher earnings growth and cheaper valuations than the US—yet backward-looking indexes can't properly capture their dynamic growth potential.

Andreas Utermann

What a Grexit Could Mean to Investors


As the world awaits the outcome of Sunday's referendum in Greece, Global CIO Andreas Utermann says the risk to capital markets should be containable, leading to a potential buying opportunity from downside volatility.

Raymond Chan

How Sustainable Is China's Rally?


China's markets may look frothy, but CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan says valuations are not yet extreme. The key is understanding the intentions of policymakers, who plan to use a booming equity market to achieve much-needed reforms.

Andreas Utermann

Lower-for-Longer Accommodation Still Underwriting Risk


With global growth still slow, central banks have obliged markets with "a giant put option," writes Global CIO Andreas Utermann, fundamentally altering the supply/demand balance for bonds and contributing to ongoing bouts of volatility.

Rail and Retail Traffic Point to GDP Expansion


Despite disappointing growth in the first quarter, the final GDP estimate was revised higher and recent consumer spending and rail-car traffic suggest a bounce in second-quarter GDP growth.


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