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Ann-Katrin Petersen

What if the ECB Runs Out of Bonds to Buy?


No matter what the ECB decides to do with bonds and the capital key, Investment Strategist Ann-Katrin Petersen says one thing seems clear: Given today’s market conditions, it will almost certainly need to adjust its QE parameters in the months ahead.

Stefan Scheurer

The BOJ Is Feeling the Heat to Sync Up with Abe


In contrast to the support Japan's prime minister is feeling for his reform efforts, the BOJ has been dealing with doubts about the effectiveness of its monetary tool box. Could BOJ Governor Kuroda surprise markets in September with a new easing option?

Neil Dwane

21 Must-Read Books for Your Summer Holiday


What are you reading this summer? Our Global Strategist shares a curated list of books that address some of the biggest issues facing investors today, from politics to disruption.

Neil Dwane

Early Investment Implications of the Brexit Brouhaha


Now that the initial volatility has passed, the UK is in a better post-Brexit position than Europe – at least for now, says our global strategist. But an overall feeling of uncertainty will make the hunt for income a key theme for the rest of 2016.

Andreas Fruschki

The Rise of Thematic Investing


Theme-based investing is expected to grow, especially given that millennial investors seem to prefer it, says Portfolio Manager Andreas Fruschki. Will the asset-management industry react accordingly by offering products that are more thematic?

Ben Fischer

When Will Value Investing Come Back Around?


Higher US interest rates, a weakening US dollar, a recovery in the high-yield bond markets and strengthening commodity markets are all signs that a shift from growth to value investing may already be occurring, writes NFJ Portfolio Manager Ben Fischer.

Project M

Does Loss Aversion Grow Weaker With Age?


As people get older, they focus more on what brings them joy, according to Project M. That could mean older retirees are more likely to ignore negative events such as financial losses—which could have big implications for plan sponsors and advisors.

Kristina Hooper

US Presidential Election: Analysis and Investment Implications


In this "all-bets-are-off" US presidential election, Kristina Hooper says it's important to know the candidates' platforms and how they can affect the markets. Investors should be prepared for more surprises—and more volatility.

Neil Dwane

Q&A: How Will Brexit Affect the UK and EU?


Neil Dwane answers investors' most pressing questions about Britain's current and future relationship with the European Union.

Neil Dwane

Just Before Halftime, Brexit Strikes


In his mid-year outlook, Neil Dwane looks at how the biggest investment themes of early 2016 – including China, oil and diverging central-bank policies – suddenly gave way to a new narrative: How will the UK's impending exit from the EU change the game?

Neil Dwane

Demographics, Disruption and Reform Power Asia's Potential


Neil Dwane summarizes our recent AllianzGI Asia Conference in Berlin: Between China’s rebalancing, a youthful India, a regional embrace of reforms and the promise of disruptive technology, Asia is increasingly attractive to investors.

Neil Dwane

Disruption Moving Cars From Automatics to Auto-Matons


Are cars destined to become "motarized utilities"? Neil Dwane says disruption isn't just a tech trend; it's the major driver of big changes set to hit the auto industry.

Brexit: What Now?


What once seemed unthinkable has now happened: The UK electorate has voted to leave the European Union. Technically, nothing has changed yet, but the impact on investors will be immediate as global markets adjust to this new reality.

Stefan Hofrichter

Has Monetary Policy Become Too Loose?


Nine years since the great financial crisis started, monetary easing is continuing with hardly any end in sight, says Stefan Hofrichter. But with global economic growth still muted, it may be time for central banks to become less accommodative.

Steve Malin

Changing Regimes in Politics and Policy

Under the Macroscope


Fed expert Steve Malin explores how the next US president and the Fed could affect investors and economic policy. The president is expected to aggressively use executive power, while the Fed should renew focus on money-supply growth and money velocity.


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