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Read timely and insightful commentary on the market and the economy from our deep lineup of talented portfolio managers, product specialists and thought leaders.
Stefan Rondorf

Why Haven't New Political Shocks Scared the Markets?


Defying expectations, markets shrugged off the Brexit vote and President Trump’s election. Yet our research shows a clear link between political uncertainty and lower P/E ratios. As such, Stefan Rondorf says markets will soon reassess political risks.

Neil Dwane

To Boost Growth, Solve the Productivity Puzzle


In a potentially troubling sign for global growth, productivity has been declining for decades. In the first of a series on productivity, Neil Dwane explores why businesses, governments and investors need to find ways to solve the productivity puzzle.

Franck Dixmier

A Summer of Quiet Contemplation


The FOMC is unlikely to raise rates at this week's meeting. Instead, Franck Dixmier says market participants will be paying close attention to Chair Yellen’s views on increasingly weak inflation data, as well as any possible hints about tapering.

Andreas Fruschki

5 Reasons to Go Active With Water Investing


The water industry, perhaps more than any other, is primed for long-term growth on a global scale and Andreas Fruschki says this presents big advantages for active investors. Here are five reasons to consider going active with AllianzGI Global Water Fund.

Steven Malin

How to Prepare for Inflation’s Inevitable Return


Inflation is being suppressed as long-standing economic relationships – such as the linkage between labor-market tightness and wage growth – have broken down. But Steve Malin says inflation will inevitably return and investors will have to be ready.

Neil Dwane

Mid-Year Outlook: Be More Selective in the Second Half


After a strong first half to 2017 for equities, the message for the remainder of the year is to seek returns more carefully. Neil Dwane says the "country factor" is key: Investors can no longer rely on a rising tide of cyclical data to lift all boats.

Greg Meier

Three Reasons to Get Active


In 2016, over $500 billion moved into passively managed index funds, while $340 billion exited actively managed funds. While this points to a challenging time for active managers, Greg Meier says the shift to passive is misguided for three key reasons.

Neil Dwane

5 Reasons to Consider European Equities


The "United States of Europe" (USE) has been a work in progress since the end of World War II. Now, with fallout from the financial crisis abating and political risk subsiding, Neil Dwane says Europe is offering compelling investment opportunities.

Steve Malin

Normalizing the Fed's Balance Sheet – Not So Fast


Raising the federal funds rate is just one part of the Fed’s plan for higher interest rates. Another part, according to Steve Malin, is the somewhat tricky process of purging $2 trillion in US Treasury and agency securities from the Fed’s balance sheet.

Steve Malin

Normalizing the Fed’s Balance Sheet—Not So Fast


The Federal Reserve has begun to unwind the most radical monetary policy in its history and raising the fed funds rate target is just one part of it.

Neil Dwane

Books You Should Read This Summer


Why not use summertime to catch up on your reading? Neil Dwane’s summer reading list combines engaging narratives with timely insight into investing themes. Among the 11 books listed here, we think you'll find something to enlighten your summer.

Macron Majority Gives His Reforms Momentum


With a new majority in the French National Assembly, President Macron has increased the chances parliament will pass his ambitious reforms aimed at labor and economic growth. But France also faces some hard fiscal realities that may take some time to fix.

Neil Dwane

As the West Ages, Asia Grows


Neil Dwane summarizes our recent AllianzGI Asia Conference in Berlin: Increased intra-regional trade, reform-minded leaders and positive demographic trends help Asia provide the growth and income potential that today’s investors need.

UK Election: Uncertainty Piled on Uncertainty


The election was never going to put an end to the uncertainty facing the UK, given Brexit and the deteriorating economic picture. But the result piles uncertainty on uncertainty.

Neil Dwane

5 Reasons to Expect Higher Oil Prices


Despite a recent bout of plunging prices, Neil Dwane says the oil market should grind higher on solid global demand, renewed supply constraints and still-significant underinvestment. All of which builds a clear case for investing in the energy sector.


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