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Raymond Chan

China's Slump Is Real, But It's Not 1997  


CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan discusses the violent swings in Asian stocks and capital flows in emerging markets, and how he views government reforms as a guidepost for where to invest.

Burns McKinney

Tips For Your Portfolio  


Burns McKinney, portfolio manager at NFJ Investment Group, discusses with CNBC what weak energy means to investors and some of the best places you may want to put your money amid current volatility.

Kristina Hooper

Fed Won't Signal Hike  


As markets get rockier heading into September's FOMC meeting, Kristina Hooper, US Investment Strategist provides her outlook on interest rates and Fed policy with CNBC.

Kristina Hooper

Consumer, Business Spending Keys to Stronger Second Half  


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper says consumer spending should increase through year-end as employment improves, Americans repair their balance sheets and oil prices stay low. Companies should also up spending thanks to better business sentiment.

Doug Forsyth

Focus on Why, Not When, the Fed Might Move  


CIO US Income & Growth Strategies Doug Forsyth says either the Fed won't hike rates this year, or they'll do it because the economy is strong enough to support it. In that case, equities and high-yield bonds should do well.

Ben Fischer

Fed Confusion Subduing US Stocks  


Uncertainty about Fed rate hikes is likely to constrain the US equity market for the rest of the year, says CIO NFJ Ben Fischer. But opportunities still exist—particularly in the finance and energy sectors.

Neil Dwane

An Even Brighter Outlook for Stocks in Europe  


With a weak euro boosting European companies' earnings, and with slowing US earnings making their counterparts' valuations look even better, now's the time to look to stocks in Europe for much-needed growth potential, says CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane.

Elizabeth Corley

Corley: US Can Withstand 'Small Global Shocks'  


On CNBC's Squawk Box, CEO Elizabeth Corley discusses the fiscal health of the US economy and how developing crises overseas will impact domestic growth.

Burns McKinney

Dividend Payers Well-Suited for Rising Rates  


The timing of Fed liftoff may be up in the air, but it's inevitable that interest rates will rise. History shows that dividend-paying stocks tend to outperform after the initial rate hike in a tightening cycle, says portfolio manager Burns McKinney.

Neil Dwane

QE Punch Bowl, Dividends to Juice European Stocks  


CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane sees attractive opportunities in equities across Europe, citing a mix of QE stimulus, high dividend yields and cheap valuations.

Kristina Hooper

Cash Is a Bad Place to Be Right Now  


Moving into cash because you're worried about stocks is a mistake, US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper tells CNBC, thanks to artificially low interest rates. Find out why equities are an attractive place to be for long-term investors.

Kunal Ghosh

Investing in China's Future  


Portfolio manager Kunal Ghosh discusses manufacturing activity and economic reforms in China, the Fed’s game plan for rate hikes and what lies ahead for deflation and demographics in emerging markets.

Neil Dwane

UK Election Review: Surprise Outcome Promises Greater Uncertainty  


The unlikely victory of the Conservative Party in the UK general elections will prove to be a stabilizing force in the short run, but lead to greater uncertainty over a "Brexit" over time, says CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane.

Neil Dwane

Europe to Reap Benefits of Less Austerity  


CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane discusses his second-quarter market outlook, including the results of the UK elections, discord over Greece's debt woes, equity-market valuations and how astute consolidation across a number of industries will pay off.

Elizabeth Corley

Fed Faces Delicate Balancing Act  


CEO Elizabeth Corley discusses the normalization of monetary policy in the United States, including when interest rates will rise, amid a backdrop of uneven, fragile global growth.


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