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Kristina Hooper

Fed Opens Door to June Rate Hike  


The Fed is holding steady for now, but maybe not for much longer. US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper parses the latest FOMC statement and discusses its impact on interest rates, investors and the dollar.

Andreas Utermann

Negative Rates—What Comes Next?  


Global CIO Andreas Utermann tells Bloomberg that central banks are running out of policy options as QE, zero rates and now negative rates all fail to spur growth.

Kristina Hooper

Can Stocks Conquer Contagion?  


Kristina Hooper tells CNBC the US is likely to skirt a recession and the stock market sell-off might not last.

Neil Dwane

Oil and Elections Pressuring Fed  


Neil Dwane tells CNBC why investors might expect more rate hikes in the first half: Rising oil prices could trigger inflation fears, and the Fed doesn't want to tighten too close to the presidential election.

Kristina Hooper

The Correction We've Been Waiting For  


With China's economy slowing, QE ending and Fed hikes beginning, Kristina Hooper tells CNBC that a global stock market correction is to be expected.

Kunal Ghosh

China's Transition Takes Time, Patience  


By shifting its focus away from manufacturing toward services and consumption, China will eventually improve its slowing economy, says Kunal Ghosh. In the meantime, the markets will worry about disappointing data and a devaluing currency.

The Pros and Cons of Risk  


They say there are two sides to every story. The same is true for risk. Watch our new video and discover how Allianz Global Investors can help you see risk differently. It's not just a challenge—it can also be an opportunity.

Kristina Hooper

So Far, October Not So Scary for Stocks  


Kristina Hooper tells CNBC that October's strong returns are from investors overlooking disappointing earnings—and instead betting that the Fed will delay liftoff. Plus, find out why the consumer discretionary sector is one to watch.

Kristina Hooper

Implications of the Fed's Decision  


After months of hand-wringing, the markets finally got their answer about Fed liftoff. Watch Kristina Hooper on CNBC discussing what it means for the markets and her bullish assessment of the tech sector.

Andreas Utermann

Has the Fed Helped or Hurt?  


Andreas Utermann tells Bloomberg TV that QE and zero-interest-rate policies have sent a negative signal to financial markets and been counterproductive to boosting economic growth.

Raymond Chan

China's Slump Is Real, But It's Not 1997  


CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan discusses the violent swings in Asian stocks and capital flows in emerging markets, and how he views government reforms as a guidepost for where to invest.

Burns McKinney

Tips For Your Portfolio  


Burns McKinney, portfolio manager at NFJ Investment Group, discusses with CNBC what weak energy means to investors and some of the best places you may want to put your money amid current volatility.

Kristina Hooper

Fed Won't Signal Hike  


As markets get rockier heading into September's FOMC meeting, Kristina Hooper, US Investment Strategist provides her outlook on interest rates and Fed policy with CNBC.

Kristina Hooper

Consumer, Business Spending Keys to Stronger Second Half  


US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper says consumer spending should increase through year-end as employment improves, Americans repair their balance sheets and oil prices stay low. Companies should also up spending thanks to better business sentiment.

Doug Forsyth

Focus on Why, Not When, the Fed Might Move  


CIO US Income & Growth Strategies Doug Forsyth says either the Fed won't hike rates this year, or they'll do it because the economy is strong enough to support it. In that case, equities and high-yield bonds should do well.


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