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A Frequently Overlooked Risk to 401(k) Plans  


Plan participants who focus too much on account balances may get into serious trouble if they make the transition from accumulation to income under unfavorable market conditions.

Walter Price

What's Next for Tech?  


Portfolio Manager Walter Price puts the concern over stretched tech-stock valuations in perspective: With lower prices, improving profits and higher earnings on the horizon, tech stocks could be set for a rebound.

Walter Price

Tech’s Transformative Effect  


Portfolio Manager Walter Price discusses how recent high-tech innovations—including social media, mobile connectivity and the shift to cloud computing—are changing the way we live and do business.

A Team of Contrarians Who Value Dividends  


NFJ has a long tradition of buying stocks that are out of favor and using dividends to spot high-quality companies with strong balance sheets and to generate income. Portfolio managers Ben Fischer and Burns McKinney explain NFJ’s philosophy and process.

Raymond Chan

Positive Prospects for North Asia and China  


CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan outlines why he’s overweighting North Asia and why reforms are boosting China’s long-term prospects. Bottom line: In Asia, it’s all about picking the right stocks.

Why Is Disinflation Happening?  


Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter outlines why, even though inflation rates are falling around the world, today’s disinflationary climate probably won’t become full-blown deflation.

High-Quality Stocks Should Outperform  


NFJ’s Ben Fischer says the Fed is walking a tightrope between the unemployment and debt problems. Investors should expect slower growth this year, which means higher-quality stocks should outperform.

Why Valuations Don’t Tell the Whole Story  


CIO Equity US Scott Migliori believes investors shouldn’t avoid domestic stocks because of high valuation levels; inflation is low and the economy is recovering, though heightened bullishness could contribute to a short-term downdraft.

Doug Forsyth

A Strong Outlook for High Yield in 2014  


Portfolio manager Doug Forsyth discusses the positive environment for high-yield bonds: In addition to strong balance sheets, low default risk and solid earnings, monetary policy should remain accommodative and the economy is facing fewer headwinds.

Andrew Neville

Small Caps Should Shine in Economic Upswing  


Portfolio manager Andrew Neville says the fact that economies are improving all around the world bodes well for small-cap companies, which tend to outperform their large-cap counterparts during upswings.

Neil Dwane

Equities the Way Out of 2014 ‘Crystal Maze’  


With ongoing global financial repression, low interest rates and political unrest, CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane and his ‘Crystal Maze’ model point to equities and risk assets as the best investment ideas of 2014.

Andreas Utermann

Changing Markets Transforming Equity Investing  


Global CIO Andreas Utermann presents the key discussion topics at our 2014 Investment Forum in Hong Kong, including why increasing market correlations make it important to take an unconstrained approach to equity investing.

The Big Shift to Fundamentals  


Kristina Hooper tells Squawk Box’s Joe Kernen that the Fed’s decision to taper is a vote of confidence for the economy, and that 2014 markets should feature a gradual handoff from QE to fundamentals. Watch the CNBC video.

Rising Rates Favor Dividends  


With interest rates potentially set to rise, now’s a good time to be invested in dividend-paying stocks, says Burns McKinney on CNBC. Watch the video.

Fed Taper Won’t Spook Emerging Markets  


Portfolio manager Kunal Ghosh says the Federal Reserve’s plans to continue unwinding its bond-buying program are already priced in, and that growth still looks promising in places like China and India. Watch the CNBC video.


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