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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Summer Selloff

Keeping a Cool Head Amid the Summer Selloff


Our experts weigh in on extreme stock-market volatility on the heels of China's recent currency devaluation and interest-rate cut, which amplified fears over sluggish global growth, stretched valuations and the timing of Fed liftoff. Get up to speed.

GDP Pushes Fed a Little Closer to Liftoff


Five key takeaways from today's advance report on second-quarter GDP growth.

Kristina Hooper

5 Keys to the FOMC Announcement


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the FOMC's July statement and its implications for monetary policy.

Ben Fischer

For the Fed, Later Liftoff Is Likely

2015 Midyear Outlook


CIO NFJ Ben Fischer discusses the economic backdrop for the second half of the year, the implications for monetary policy and where he’s finding attractively priced dividend-paying stocks.

What to Expect in the Second Half

Outlooks and Investment Implications from Our Experts


How will rising rates affect the US economy and markets? Which risks are most worth watching? Our CIOs discuss a range of challenges and opportunities for investors, and Kristina Hooper provides five timely tips on asset allocation.

Product Focus
Michael Heldmann

A Stylish Approach to Consistency


Portfolio manager Michael Heldmann explains our AllianzGI Best Styles series of funds and how it aims to meet client return objectives with higher consistency when compared to more traditional strategies, quantitative approaches or smart-beta ETFs.

Glenn Dial

Thank Serendipity, But Don't Depend on It


Many Americans caught a lucky break when it came to retirement preparation, but they can't afford to be complacent, says Head of US Retirement Strategy Glenn Dial.

Glenn Dial

Make Plan Success a Priority for the CFO

Dialed In to Retirement


Targeting chief financial officers can help advisors get more plan participants to achieve financial wellness, justify their value to plan sponsors and win new business. But you've got to speak their language and show them the numbers

Take an Active, Risk-Managed Approach for Your Emerging-Market Equity Portfolio


In today's ever-changing market environment, exposure to emerging-market investment opportunities may offer investors essential, strategic portfolio positioning for the long term.

Why Credit Risk Trumps Duration in High Yield


In advance of Fed liftoff, it's worth noting that timing and priority don't make a bond a better investment. Portfolio manager Jim Dudnick explains why credit risk plays a more prominent role in high-yield bond returns than duration risk.

The Upshot
Kristina Hooper

Breathe But Don't Panic

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper puts last week's sharp selloff in perspective for investors amid debate over a hard landing in China and potential Fed liftoff in the United States.

Media Center
Raymond Chan

China's Slump Is Real, But It's Not 1997  


CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan discusses the violent swings in Asian stocks and capital flows in emerging markets, and how he views government reforms as a guidepost for where to invest.

Burns McKinney

Tips For Your Portfolio  


Burns McKinney, portfolio manager at NFJ Investment Group, discusses with CNBC what weak energy means to investors and some of the best places you may want to put your money amid current volatility.

Joey Wong

Two Perspectives on Online Shopping in India


India's e-commerce opportunities are poised to increase thanks to the growing adoption of 3G and 4G connectivity. Grassroots Research's Joey Wong explores the implications for consumers, merchants and investors.

Klaus Teloeken

Why Smart Beta Indexing Isn't Enough


Actively diversifying across various risk premiums—small-cap, value, momentum—can help stabilize returns over time, while cushioning the blow of a sizeable drawdown in a single style or asset class, says portfolio manager Klaus Teloeken, Ph.D.


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