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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Kristina Hooper

4 Takeaways from the FOMC Meeting


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the March 18 FOMC announcement, including what it means for markets, monetary policy and investors.

Peter Lefkin

Debt-Ceiling Vote Rife With Conflict

Inside the Beltway


Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, explains why the 2015 debt-ceiling debate could be worse than the one we saw in 2011.

Kazuyuki Terao

Relentless Reform Could Jump-Start Japan


As Japan pushes to turn around its economy amid persistent structural issues, CIO Japan Equity Kazuyuki Terao says Shinzo Abe’s determination to reform corporate governance and tax codes should help Japan’s equity markets.

Kristina Hooper

5 Takeaways from the February Jobs Report


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest employment report, and its implications for the pace of the US economic recovery and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

Kristina Hooper

6 Takeaways from the January Jobs Report


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest employment report and its implications for the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

Product Focus
Glenn Dial

Watch the Retirement Risk Gap

Dialed In to Retirement


Choosing the right glide path isn't just about getting the most return for a certain level of risk anymore. There's a sizeable disparity between what retirement savers are willing to do and what's needed to hit their goals.

NFJ Makes Morningstar’s Dividend-Fund Short List


Experienced investors know that dividend-paying stocks can provide key benefits to portfolios. Morningstar agrees, which is why they highlighted AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value Fund in a special report: "Income-Focused Equity Funds That Actually Deliver."

Glenn Dial

Precision in Your Retirement Short Game

Dialed In to Retirement


Getting the asset allocation right as plan participants close in on retirement is critical. And professional advice can help them find that pinpoint accuracy, writes Glenn Dial.

Glenn Dial

Debunking the Longevity Risk Myth

Dialed In to Retirement


Boosting DC plan exposure to stocks doesn’t neutralize the threat of plan participants outliving their income. But seeking professional help can help bridge the gap.

Glenn Dial

Taking Aim at the Income-Replacement Bull's-Eye

Dialed In to Retirement


Knowing and documenting the percentage of income that you’re solving for in a retirement plan is critical for plan sponsors and advisors, says Glenn Dial. Here’s a quick primer that’s part math, part participant behavior.

The Upshot
Kristina Hooper

A Temporary Slowdown or a Prolonged Downturn?

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper comments on the recent slowdown in economic growth, how long it will last and what clues the Fed is using to guide its policy actions.

Media Center
Neil Dwane

'Good' Deflation Spurs Europe's Economic Growth  


With deflation fears rising in Europe, policymakers are worried—but fear not, says CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane. Investors should celebrate the lower oil, food and energy prices that support increased economic activity.

Raymond Chan

Falling Rates in Asia Should Trump Weakening Yen  


Asia's markets could suffer if Japan's yen continues to weaken, says CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan. Yet with high interest rates set to fall and reform on the agenda across the region, investors shouldn't overlook Asia.

Joey Wong

4G Driving Strong Mobile Telecom Growth in China


Demand for speedy 4G technology is set to boost revenues for the China telecommunications industry, according to a recent Grassroots Research survey. China Mobile's head start in 4G should help the company regain market share.

Kelly Reuba

Supporting the Seeds of Our Convictions

5 Questions About Grassroots Research


Kelly Reuba, global head of AllianzGI's Grassroots℠ Research, discusses how this unique group uses a network of journalists and investigators to help identify industry trends. The end result—stronger investment convictions and better decisions.


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