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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Neil Dwane

Leap Forward: China's Next Four Modernizations


As President Xi Jinping considers China’s next Five Year Plan, perhaps he will put his own twist on a predecessor’s strategy and look to strengthen China in four key areas: agriculture, industry, defense, and science & technology.

William Russell

Investor Implications of China as an Asset Class


With new reforms opening up China's already massive equity and bond markets to outsiders, it may need to be considered an asset class in its own right. William Russell says its high time investors rethink how they go about accessing the region.

Neil Dwane

Is Trump's 'Red Meat' the Right Long-Term Diet?

Neil Dwane's Perspective


Within hours of taking office, President Trump began issuing executive orders to fulfill campaign promises. But if he really wants to "make America great again," Neil Dwane asks: Will Trump address long-term structural problems that sorely need fixing?

Hans Jörg Naumer

Active Investors Thrive on Creative Destruction


As disruption factors into investment decisions in this post-election period, Hans-Jörg Naumer reminds us of the "creative power of destruction." This is precisely the environment where active investors can apply their skills and sort out the winners.

David Tan

China's Open Bond Markets Lift Investor Interest


Regulators and policymakers in China have been enticing foreign investors with easier access to its bond markets—and our Asia-Pacific Fixed-Income CIO David Tan says it's working. Of particular interest are green bonds.

Product Focus

Barron's: Actively Managed Funds Poised for Comeback


In a cover story entitled "Stockpicker's Delight," Barron's lists just seven funds to consider. At the top is the AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value Fund. See why our active strategy is getting noticed by one of the world's premier investment publications.

Neil Dwane

Upping the Ante: The DOL Rule and Risk Management

Dialed In To Retirement


The DOL fiduciary rule's far-sweeping changes have placed risk management front and center for financial advisors. From practice management to portfolio risk, Glenn Dial says the stakes are elevated, even after the election.

Stephen Bond-Nelson

Harnessing Equity Index Options for Total Return


Stephen Bond-Nelson explains how the AllianzGI Structured Return Fund smartly invests in equity index options to generate market-neutral returns with low volatility.

Glenn Dial

Has Investment Diversification Alone Had its Day?

Dialed In To Retirement


The idea that investment diversification can enhance returns and lower risk hasn't played out as planned in post-crisis markets. This may come as a surprise to retirement investors, who should now consider a more dynamic approach according to Glenn Dial.

Building a Better Portfolio Using "Best Styles"


The Upshot
Kristina Hooper

Election Countdown: Taxation

The Upshot


Amid a most astounding presidential campaign season, tax policy has gone virtually unnoticed. Kristina Hooper looks past the rhetoric to shed light on the candidates’ tax proposals and what a Clinton or Trump victory could mean for the US economy.

Media Center
Andreas Utermann

Volatility in Vogue  


Just about all markets can expect increased volatility, especially currencies, where a 30-year period of stability is about to end.

Andreas Utermann

Globalization Under Attack  


The post-election rally's ongoing prospects look dim with globalization under constant attack.

Grassroots Research

Tough Task Ahead for China's Coal and Steel Industries


When Grassroots surveyed coal and steel manufacturers in China about recent capacity reduction orders, we learned many didn't meet their targets. And now with the potential for protectionism from the Trump administration, production looks more uncertain.


Diabetes Drives Demand for Insulin Pumps in Europe


Recent Grassroots℠ research shows that the use of insulin-pumps is on the way up in Germany, the UK and France. Earlier diagnosis of patients with diabetes combined with increasing familiarity with pump technology are key drivers of the demand.


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