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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Stefan Hofrichter

'Risky' and 'Safe' Assets Can't Both Keep Winning


Asset classes across the risk/reward spectrum have performed strongly in 2016, but something has to give, according to Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter. He says it’s the relatively safer assets that are eventually going to lose out.

Peter Lefkin

US Election 2016: A Vote Against the Other

Inside the Beltway


As summer fades, the 2016 US presidential race enters its fraught and final stretch. Amid this most contentious of political contests, Peter Lefkin notes a sad resignation among voters, who are driven by rancor for the other side more than anything else.

Neil Dwane

ACTive Returns with Alpha, Conviction and Tenacity


In his roundup of our latest Investment Forum, Neil Dwane says growth will stay low while central banks suppress yields and politics boost uncertainty. In this environment, investors’ returns will be driven by their ability to accept risk and stay active.

Steve Malin

Policymakers and Businesses Confront Reality: Adapt or Die

Under the Macroscope


As the fourth industrial revolution proceeds, businesses will increasingly be forced to adapt or die, says our Fed expert Steve Malin. Fusing of technologies will open vast new opportunities for investors as new companies emerge in new industries.

Neil Dwane

Why Italy's Bank Rings Are Breaking


Neil Dwane says the crisis in Italy's banks is caused by a system with many interlocking rings – including banks, voters, politicians and regulators – that pass stress from one to the other. This could have dire consequences for both Italy and Europe.

Product Focus
Glenn Dial

Has Investment Diversification Alone Had its Day?

Dialed In To Retirement


The idea that investment diversification can enhance returns and lower risk hasn't played out as planned in post-crisis markets. This may come as a surprise to retirement investors, who should now consider a more dynamic approach according to Glenn Dial.

Building a Better Portfolio Using "Best Styles"


Sector Investing Solutions

5 Sector Investing Solutions


Sector investing can be an excellent way to pursue global growth opportunities and add diversification. To help you take advantage of timely sector-investing trends, take a look at the following sector-based funds.

Glenn Dial

Top 5 Takeaways from the New DOL Rule

Dialed In to Retirement


Now that the Obama administration has imposed its final fiduciary rule, financial advisors must interpret and implement this regulation in all its complexity. Glenn Dial cuts to the chase with five key takeaways from the enormous 923-page document.

Glenn Dial

Transition Risk Transforms Retirement

Dialed In to Retirement


For retirement investors leaving the workforce in the next year, 2016 is shaping up to be a tricky time to make the transition. Glenn Dial says heightened volatility could cause many to wonder how they can be so close to retirement—but feel so unsettled.

The Upshot
Kristina Hooper

Singling Out Inflation in the Fed's Dual Mandate

The Upshot


If the Fed is seeking a reason to raise rates at its upcoming September meeting, inflation could be it. While inflation has ticked upward, however, Kristina Hooper says the modest move seems unlikely to warrant Fed action ahead of the US election.

Media Center
Kristina Hooper

FOMC: No News is Good News  


The September FOMC meeting transpired just as we expected, which is to say we expected nothing. In this environment, Kristina Hooper says financial repression is alive and well and that investors need to be selective about risk.

Neil Dwane

Are Central Bankers Bluffing?  


The ECB, BOJ and Fed all want to tighten, but lack clear and compelling reasons to do so. Neil Dwane talks to CNBC's Squawk Box about what central bankers and investors are up against.

Kelly Reuba

New Study Measures the UK's Post-Brexit Mood


In the weeks surrounding the UK's historic Brexit referendum, Grassroots℠ Research surveyed UK consumers to gauge their overall sentiment. According to Kelly Reuba, Global Head of Grassroots Research, consumers became notably gloomier after the vote.

Grassroots Research

London Real Estate: Weak Pound = Strong Foreign Buying


In light of Brexit, a weaker pound sterling has led to attractive opportunities for foreign buyers of London real estate. A study by Grassroots Research shows foreign buyers are aiming for the mid- and upper price ranges of the city’s real estate market.


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