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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Neil Dwane

A World In Search of Growth


Don’t expect a rising GDP tide to lift all stocks, says CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane. With a troublesome convergence of global events creating headwinds, investors need to be selective and look for companies offering superior opportunities.

Global Strategic Outlook

Timely Insights from Our Global Strategic Outlook


Every quarter, we publish timely insights into economies, markets and asset classes from our team of investment professionals. Here are our latest views on what’s in store for the global economy, the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Scott Migliori

Post-Election Bounce in Store After 2011 Flashback?


More volatility is ahead, says CIO Equity US Scott Migliori, but investors could also find buying opportunities as we enter a period that has historically boosted US equity markets – especially small caps.

Kristina Hooper

October Jobs Report Shows Continued Improvement


Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest employment data, including key takeaways for investors and implications for monetary policy.

Peter Lefkin

A Cheat Sheet for the Midterm Elections

Inside the Beltway


Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, breaks down the political races state by state, including the key election issues, where Democrats and Republicans are most vulnerable and the implications of incumbent losses.

Product Focus
Glen Dial

Are Annuities a Good Fit for Target-Date Funds?

Dialed In to Retirement


New regulatory guidance allowing plan sponsors to include annuities in QDIA-ready target-date funds is a watershed moment for the retirement industry. But cost and complexity may warrant a look at other reliable income options, writes Glenn Dial.

Glen Dial

Back to the Future

Dialed In to Retirement


Cherry picking attractive defined-benefit features from the past is a smart move when designing new DC plans. But be wary of placing too much emphasis on highest average account balance—it’s likely to leave some participants in the lurch.

Glenn Dial

The Secret to Plan Success

Dialed In to Retirement


Marrying income adequacy with a high degree of confidence in hitting participant payout targets is the new benchmark for a winning retirement plan, writes Glenn Dial in his new monthly column.

Glenn Dial

Solving One of the Biggest Retirement Risks You Never Heard Of


Plan sponsors and their advisors need to be aware of the risks involved in retirement investing—particularly the ones that frequently get overlooked. Glenn Dial outlines why it’s critical to solve for transition risk with an effective strategy.

Andrew Neville

The Additive Effect of Global Small Cap on Portfolios


Manager Andrew Neville explains the payoff of a strategic allocation to global small-cap stocks, how active managers exploit pricing inefficiency and the benefit of kicking the tires in local markets. Plus, how monetary policy impacts small-cap investing.

The Upshot
Kristina Hooper

What Investors Can Be Thankful For

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper highlights four reasons for US investors to be grateful as we wind down 2014—plus a few holiday wishes for capital markets.

Media Center

A Frequently Overlooked Risk to 401(k) Plans  


Plan participants who focus too much on account balances may get into serious trouble if they make the transition from accumulation to income under unfavorable market conditions.

Walter Price

What's Next for Tech?  


Portfolio Manager Walter Price puts the concern over stretched tech-stock valuations in perspective: With lower prices, improving profits and higher earnings on the horizon, tech stocks could be set for a rebound.

Chris Wheaton

How the Market Miscalculates the Price of Oil


An astonishing increase in the supply of shale oil is shaking up the oil market, says Energy Analyst Chris Wheaton, but today’s low prices rest on fundamental misjudgments about supply and demand.

Ferdinand Horneck

Global Retail Demand Glowing for LED Bulbs


With LED light-bulb sales rising and costs falling, Grassroots Research Analyst Ferdinand Horneck says the price tipping point seems to have been reached, a development that bodes well for LED-manufacturing equipment.


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