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Our portfolio managers are among the brightest investment minds in the industry. They provide timely and insightful commentary on the financial markets, the economy and global policy and are astute at finding investment opportunities in all market climates, particularly a nominal return environment.

Market Insights
Karen Hiatt

How Innovation Creates Opportunities Late in the Cycle


In high-priced markets, there are good reasons to look for innovative companies that thrive on disruption. Karen Hiatt says many are highly valued with good cash flows because they have essential products and services, which could bode well in a downturn.

French ballot box

Macron's Win Is a Loss for Euro-Phobia


With his victory as France's new president-elect, Emmanuel Macron can celebrate – for now. Much depends on whether he can secure a parliamentary majority in June. Nevertheless, Macron’s win helps investors see the more positive side to the European story.

Franck Dixmier

Markets Counting on Fed to Keep Its Word


No news should be good news after the next FOMC meeting, says Franck Dixmier. The markets are watching the Fed’s actions and like what they see; the Fed, for its part, views things the same way while keeping one eye on financial stability.

Neil Dwane

President Trump's 100-Day Scorecard


When he took office, President Trump clearly outlined his policy priorities for the first 100 days. Now that this milestone has been reached, Neil Dwane takes a look at the progress the new president has made.

Neil Dwane

When Will Greece Take the Icelandic Road to Recovery?


Greece is back in the headlines with the resumption of bailout talks. As its economy continues to struggle, Neil Dwane wonders if Greece and the EU can learn lessons from Iceland, which found a way to turn short-term pain into long-term gain.

Product Focus
Glenn Dial

Can Your Target Date Fund Provide Lifetime Income?

Dialed In to Retirement


For Target Date Funds (TDFs), the focus has always been on reaching retirement day. Now, on the brink of a baby boomer exodus from the workforce, Glenn Dial says TDFs should aim way past the target date to focus on retirement income, and lots of it.

Barron's: Actively Managed Funds Poised for Comeback


In a cover story entitled "Stockpicker's Delight," Barron's lists just seven funds to consider. At the top is the AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value Fund. See why our active strategy is getting noticed by one of the world's premier investment publications.

Neil Dwane

Upping the Ante: The DOL Rule and Risk Management

Dialed In To Retirement


The DOL fiduciary rule's far-sweeping changes have placed risk management front and center for financial advisors. From practice management to portfolio risk, Glenn Dial says the stakes are elevated, even after the election.

Stephen Bond-Nelson

Harnessing Equity Index Options for Total Return


Stephen Bond-Nelson explains how the AllianzGI Structured Return Fund smartly invests in equity index options to generate market-neutral returns with low volatility.

Glenn Dial

Has Investment Diversification Alone Had its Day?

Dialed In To Retirement


The idea that investment diversification can enhance returns and lower risk hasn't played out as planned in post-crisis markets. This may come as a surprise to retirement investors, who should now consider a more dynamic approach according to Glenn Dial.

Media Center
Andreas Utermann

Volatility in Vogue  


Just about all markets can expect increased volatility, especially currencies, where a 30-year period of stability is about to end.

Andreas Utermann

Globalization Under Attack  


The post-election rally's ongoing prospects look dim with globalization under constant attack.

Grassroots Research

No Big Changes to Corporate Travel Spending in 2017


In 2017, corporate travel spending is expected to be flat or up slightly year-to-year. Despite heightened global security concerns, travel policies are not changing for most, while a few cited investments in duty of care risk-management programs.

Grassroots Research

Robo-Advisors: Low Cost vs. a Personalized Approach


According to two new Grassroots℠ Research surveys, robo-advice has the potential to help both investors – and advisors – alike. While automated services may be an attractive low-cost solution, not everyone is willing to forgo the personal touch.


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