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5 Sector Investing Solutions 

Sector Investing Solutions 



Sector investing can be an excellent way to pursue global growth opportunities and add diversification. To help you take advantage of timely sector-investing trends, take a look at the following sector-based funds.
  • Get plugged into tech investing

    The technology sector can provide attractive growth potential for investors' portfolios—a big benefit in a world where growth is hard to come by. By focusing on key trends, investors can seek to tap into today's high-tech golden age of innovation.

    Key Tech Themes

    • Cloud computing The global public cloud services market is projected to grow at a 16.5% rate.¹
    • Mobile Internet Approximately 2.2 billion smartphones and tablets are shipping worldwide.²
    • Internet of things 38.5 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet in 2020, up from 13.4 billion in 2015, an increase of 285%.³

    AllianzGI Technology Fund Invests in global companies that use technology to gain a competitive edge.

    Ticker symbols
    A Shares: RAGTX | I Shares: DRGTX | C Shares: RCGTX | P Shares: ARTPX

  • Just add water

    Fresh water has no substitute—and only a fraction of today's supply is safe for consumption. With the need for clean water set to soar, investing in companies that improve the supply, efficiency and quality of water may be a major growth opportunity.

    Key Water Themes

    • Expanding the water supply 1.1 billion people have inadequate access to water,4 and efforts to expand the water supply should lead to opportunities.
    • Increasing water-supply efficiency Every day, 32 billion cubic meters of treated water leak from water-supply systems,5 making improvements to water-supply efficiencies critical.
    • Increasing water-supply quality An estimated 80% of the groundwater in China's major river basins is too toxic for human consumption.6 Companies will need to increase spending on filtration, monitoring, testing and other new technologies.

    AllianzGI Global Water Fund Invests in companies offering solutions to help solve the global water challenge.

    Ticker symbols
    A Shares: AWTAX | I Shares: AWTIX | C Shares: AWTCX | P Shares: AWTPX

  • Trends powering natural resources

    Worldwide demographic and economic trends are providing a tailwind for long-term commodity demand, particularly in the materials, industrial, energy and agriculture sectors.

    Key Natural Resources Themes

    • Population growth With the global population expected to surpass 9 billion people by 2050,7 global demand for raw materials will increase.
    • Advances in energy technologies Global oil demand is expected to keep growing. This has already led to advances in energy development and exploration techniques and technologies.
    • Expanding middle class in emerging markets As emerging-market countries become more developed, their middle class is growing rapidly. Per capita consumption is also rising, while arable land suitable for agriculture is becoming increasingly scarce.

    AllianzGI Global Natural Resources FundInvests in companies that may benefit from ongoing demand for commodities.

    Ticker symbols
    A Shares: ARMAX | I Shares: RGLIX | C Shares: ARMCX | P Shares: APGPX

  • Rapid growth opportunities in health care

    An aging global population that includes retiring baby boomers is driving up health care consumption, leading to a growing patient population in developed and developing economies.

    Key Health Sciences Themes

    • Shifting demographics Aging populations and retiring baby boomers are driving up health care consumption, leading to a growing patient population.
    • Wealthier people As wealth increases in emerging markets, people are demanding higher-quality care, which could increase per capita spending.
    • Personal health An increasingly obese population is suffering from chronic illnesses, which drives up health care costs. However, better regulations are changing drug development, and companies are applying innovative new health care tools with increasing agility.

    AllianzGI Health Sciences Fund Invests in companies that may benefit from growing global demand for health care.

    Ticker symbols
    A Shares: RAGHX | I Shares: HLHIX | C Shares: RCGHX

  • Interconnected global megatrends

    Overlapping long-term growth trends have been emerging from the technology, water, natural resources, health sciences and emerging-market consumer sectors.

    Megatrends include cloud computing, expanding the water supply, commodity infrastructure growth and health care spending.

    AllianzGI Global Megatrends Fund Invests in long-term, interconnected global trends offering decades of growth potential.

    Ticker symbols
    A Shares: GMTFX | I Shares: GMTIX | P Shares: GMTPX

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What is sector investing?

Sector investing focuses on specific industries and markets that share common characteristics. Investors may use sectors to place funds, stocks and other investments into categories that have unique characteristics and a different risk profile.

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