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To create sustainable outperformance, in-depth market knowledge is essential. We have a global research platform that both informs our investment decisions and helps our clients understand the markets. Built around global centers of investment expertise, we can leverage the best talent in a given location while fostering independent thinking across asset classes.

China Seeking Foreign-Exchange Stability


China is implementing numerous administrative measures to stabilize its level of foreign-exchange reserves, writes Grassroots Research℠ Analyst Joey Wong. This should lend support to the renminbi and to market sentiment in general.

How Behaviors and Biases Impact Markets


Human behaviors and biases have a tremendous impact on market performance. In a new paper, the Systematic team looks into behavioral biases exhibited by four key market participants: investors, company management, sell-side analysts and regulators.

Digital Technology's Impact on Investment Decisions


In this digital age, people have instant access to their investment accounts and can monitor markets on a whim. In a new paper, Shlomo Benartzi discusses how "monitoring frequency" can increase loss aversion and affect investment decisions.

Walmart's Higher Pay Pressuring Competition


With rising wages at the world's biggest private employer making headlines, Grassroots℠ Research investigated the how the company's higher pay could impact competitors drawing from the same labor pool.

Beyond 'Nudge': How to Help Clients Think Smarter


Although the human brain is a powerful thinking machine, there's good evidence that people just don't like to think, says Shlomo Benartzi, Ph.D. Use these tools from the behavioral finance toolkit to help your clients think—and choose—wisely.

Gauging the Local Impact of Low Energy Prices


Steep declines in oil and gas prices have hurt energy-producing communities across the US, but a new Grassroots Research report shows that at least in Texas, the worst might be over.

Post-Crash Views from China's Consumers


Despite China's recent bout of poor A-share market performance, stocks are still the top choice for many Chinese investors living in first-tier cities, according to a recent Grassroots Research survey.

Which Country Is Best for Retirees?


As the DB-to-DC shift continues on a global scale, only a small group of countries have created pension systems that appear both adequate and sustainable, according to new research in Project M.


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