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To create sustainable outperformance, in-depth market knowledge is essential. We have a global research platform that both informs our investment decisions and helps our clients understand the markets. Built around global centers of investment expertise, we can leverage the best talent in a given location while fostering independent thinking across asset classes.

Beyond 'Nudge': How to Help Clients Think Smarter


Although the human brain is a powerful thinking machine, there's good evidence that people just don't like to think, says Shlomo Benartzi, Ph.D. Use these tools from the behavioral finance toolkit to help your clients think—and choose—wisely.

Gauging the Local Impact of Low Energy Prices


Steep declines in oil and gas prices have hurt energy-producing communities across the US, but a new Grassroots Research report shows that at least in Texas, the worst might be over.

Post-Crash Views from China's Consumers


Despite China's recent bout of poor A-share market performance, stocks are still the top choice for many Chinese investors living in first-tier cities, according to a recent Grassroots Research survey.

Which Country Is Best for Retirees?


As the DB-to-DC shift continues on a global scale, only a small group of countries have created pension systems that appear both adequate and sustainable, according to new research in Project M.

Will Consumers Embrace Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems?


High-tech safety systems like lane departure warnings and blind spot detection are becoming more popular with consumers, according to a recent Grassroots℠ Research survey, but most people are still reluctant to relinquish control of the wheel.

Improving the Impact of Our Research


Global Head of Research Steve Berexa explains how our research team is implementing new metrics and models to boost the effectiveness of the proprietary insights they deliver to our portfolio managers, who in turn use them to benefit our clients.

Two Perspectives on Online Shopping in India


India's e-commerce opportunities are poised to increase thanks to the growing adoption of 3G and 4G connectivity. Grassroots Research's Joey Wong explores the implications for consumers, merchants and investors.

Why Smart Beta Indexing Isn't Enough


Actively diversifying across various risk premiums—small-cap, value, momentum—can help stabilize returns over time, while cushioning the blow of a sizeable drawdown in a single style or asset class, says portfolio manager Klaus Teloeken, Ph.D.


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