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To create sustainable outperformance, in-depth market knowledge is essential. We have a global research platform that both informs our investment decisions and helps our clients understand the markets. Built around global centers of investment expertise, we can leverage the best talent in a given location while fostering independent thinking across asset classes.

The Global Buzz about Non-Alcoholic Beer


Brewers have sought to expand their product line to people who like the taste of beer, but not necessarily the taste or effects of alcohol. Our latest Grassroots℠ Research shows that the results thus far have been flat to frothy, depending on the country.

A Deeper Dive into Frac Sand


As the US shale-oil industry booms and busts, so too does the frac sand industry. In a year of OPEC production uncertainties and wave of US well closures, our Grassroots℠ Research team takes a deeper dive into frac sand demand and prices.

New Study Measures the UK's Post-Brexit Mood


In the weeks surrounding the UK's historic Brexit referendum, Grassroots℠ Research surveyed UK consumers to gauge their overall sentiment. According to Kelly Reuba, Global Head of Grassroots Research, consumers became notably gloomier after the vote.

London Real Estate: Weak Pound = Strong Foreign Buying


In light of Brexit, a weaker pound sterling has led to attractive opportunities for foreign buyers of London real estate. A study by Grassroots℠ Research shows foreign buyers are aiming for the mid- and upper price ranges of the city’s real estate market.

Despite Tourist Trepidations, Cruise Bookings are Up


With terrorism taking its toll on tourism in Europe and elsewhere, the cruise industry has thus far emerged unscathed. Grassroots℠ Research shows that cruise booking for 2016 trips is up from last year, despite increased fears of terrorism and Zika.

Interest Growing in Self-Driving Cars


US consumers are getting more comfortable with the idea of self-driving cars, according to new Grassroots℠ research: 48% of sources surveyed are willing to pay extra for these high-tech highway features in the next vehicle they purchase.

Gauging the Shift Toward Robo-Advice


Recent Grassroots℠ Research shows that slightly more than one-third of investors who use robo-advisors are considering switching to a financial advisor, indicating that automated advice isn't giving many clients the level of service they need.

The Impact of November 13 on Paris Retailers


Grassroots℠ Research Analyst Johannes Jacobi writes that the well-diversified companies in the luxury goods sector—those companies diversified by geographic region and by product—will be best able to weather conditions worsened by terrorist attacks.


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