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No Big Changes to Corporate Travel Spending in 2017 

Grassroots Research 



In 2017, corporate travel spending is expected to be flat or up slightly year-to-year. Despite heightened global security concerns, travel policies are not changing for most, while a few cited investments in duty of care risk-management programs.
Most have not made any specific policy changes due to heightened global security concerns.
Interviews with travel industry representatives in the US revealed that slightly less than half expect corporate travel spending to remain flat in 2017 vs. 2016, while slightly more than one-third expect it to increase due to corporate expansion or increased hotel pricing, and a few expect it to decrease – up an average 1% overall. In addition, two-thirds of sources expect the number of employees traveling to meetings and conventions to remain flat in 2017 vs. 2016, generally due to budgetary constraints, while a few expect it to increase, and a couple expect it to decrease – flat overall.

Almost none expects any shifts regarding preferred hotel classes/types in
2017 vs. 2016.
Meanwhile, slightly less than three-fourths of sources have not adjusted their travel policies this year, while one-fourth said policies are more restrictive, and one said less restrictive. Most have not made any specific policy changes due to heightened global security concerns, either because they primarily travel domestically or already altered policies, while a few said duty of care programs (a company's obligation to take care of traveling employees' safety) were being considered or adopted.

As to the top two preferred hotel chains, sources most frequently cited Marriott (Marriott International) and Hilton (Hilton Worldwide). Looking ahead, almost none expects any shifts regarding preferred hotel classes/types in 2017 vs. 2016. Regarding hotel prices, two-thirds of sources expect an increase in 2017 vs. 2016 – most often slightly – due to consolidation and previous years' increases, while one-fifth expect them to remain flat, and a few said decrease – up an average 2% overall.

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