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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Bullish Signals Outweigh Bearish Obstacles

The Upshot


Stronger-than-expected economic data on the heels of a harsh winter and anecdotal evidence of improving conditions have bolstered the case for further stock-market upside, overshadowing potential headwinds, writes Kristina Hooper.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Selloff

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper puts the sharp pullback in the stock market in perspective for investors who may be wondering about a correction.

Overcoming Fear and Loathing in Lost Wages

The Upshot


Personal income, not job growth, may have drawn the ire of investors as stocks sold off on Friday. But look for the market to rebound on continued economic progress and soothing remarks from the Fed, writes Kristina Hooper.

Will Jobs Benefit From a Spring Thaw?

The Upshot


The upcoming jobs report, a bellwether for the health of the US economy, could reveal that the harsh winter has created a coiled spring in the labor market, writes Kristina Hooper.

Market Had Its Way With Yellen’s Words

The Upshot


Fed Chair Janet Yellen got a taste for how sensitive investors are to her public remarks last week, but the kneejerk response was probably an overreaction, writes Kristina Hooper.

Can the Fed Fend Off the Ides of March?

The Upshot


Mid-March hasn’t been associated with much good luck in Europe historically. And with Ukraine mired in conflict, this year’s no different. But investors should resist the urge to react to geopolitical uncertainty and expect steady guidance from the Fed.

With Fed in Charge, 5-Year Bull Run Poised to Continue

The Upshot


The Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy and gradual improvement in the economy are two big reasons the stock market can keep moving higher, says Kristina Hooper. Will it be reflected in this week’s consumer sentiment and spending data?

What the Jobs Report Will Tell Us—And What It Won’t

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper puts the soon-to-be-released February employment report in context, including what it means for Fed policy, consumer confidence and stocks.

Will Spring Thaw the Housing Market?

The Upshot


Instead of heating up further, the housing market has been feeling a chilly wind, writes Kristina Hooper. If credit standards don’t continue to loosen, making mortgages easier to get, higher mortgage rates could spell more trouble than just bad weather.

The Perils of Market Timing

The Upshot


Long-term investors should resist the urge to react to short-term market moves and stay invested in the stock market. Jumping in and out of stocks can be hazardous to the health of their portfolios, writes Kristina Hooper.

Triple Witching Hour Proves Benign

The Upshot


Markets yawned their way past two big reports and one key deadline last week, but investors are still fleeing stock funds overall. It’s a strange brew that signals continued volatility ahead, says US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper.

Groundhog Day for Investors

The Upshot


As investors, we’re hard-wired to bow to our emotions, which cause us to repeat the same mistakes over and over. But one tough month for stocks shouldn’t scare us away, says Kristina Hooper. Here are four tips for investors following the January selloff.

Summing Up Our Fears

The Upshot


On the heels of a difficult week for US stocks, investors have a long list of reasons to worry. But what’s more likely: all these fears coming true at once—or just more volatility, asks Kristina Hooper?

4 Simple Truths About US Consumers

The Upshot


The December employment report called into question the momentum of the jobs recovery, which has clear implications for consumers. While further clarity on jobs is needed, here are some key observations that help frame the consumer-sentiment discussion.

Fed Taking a More Holistic View of Data

The Upshot


Recently released FOMC minutes and jobs numbers show why the Fed wants to add a qualitative dimension to its forward guidance, writes Kristina Hooper: The unemployment rate can fall significantly, but it may be for the wrong reasons.


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