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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Breathe But Don't Panic

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper puts last week's sharp selloff in perspective for investors amid debate over a hard landing in China and potential Fed liftoff in the United States.

China Has Yuanderlust

The Upshot


China's recent move to devalue its currency raises questions about the state of its economy. Kristina Hooper looks at how this decision could impact the Fed's deliberations on when to begin raising rates.

How Jobs Play into a September Rate Hike

The Upshot


The July jobs report signals one of the last remaining economic indicators the Fed will review before making a decision on interest rates at its September FOMC meeting. Kristina Hooper comments on its strengths, weaknesses and implications.

5 Reasons August May Take Investors for a Ride

The Upshot


The dog days of summer haven't been too favorable for the stock market, historically, and this year could be more of the same. But a temporary pullback might be a buy signal, writes Kristina Hooper.

How to Play the Commodity 'Super' Selloff

The Upshot


We're witnessing at least a temporary end to the bull market in commodities, which has implications for how investors diversify their portfolios over the shorter term, writes Kristina Hooper.

5 Reasons Puerto Rico Is in Debt Trouble

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper explains the key drivers that have led to a mounting debt crisis in Puerto Rico, one that, in some ways, rivals what has happened in Greece.

Of Rocks and Islands

The Upshot


Greece's debt woes and China's stock selloff have raised questions about contagion to US markets, and even the US economy. But will it delay the Fed's decision to raise interest rates? Kristina Hooper takes a look.

Jobs Take Backseat to Greece's Austerity Vote

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper dissects the June employment report and the investment implications of a deepening debt crisis in Greece, which is likely to spur higher volatility and renewed contagion fears.

Greece Firestorm Won't Stifle Consumer Comeback

The Upshot


Failed talks over remedies for Greece's worsening debt situation may be a distraction in the short run, but fundamentals like job creation and a healthier consumer play a more important role in the long run, writes Kristina Hooper.

Handicapping Bubbles and Shocks

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper explains the results of the 2015 Allianz Global Investors RiskMonitor Survey, a global study of prevailing views on portfolio construction, asset allocation and risk among a cross-section of institutional investors.

Despite Reputation, Consumer Revival Is Real

The Upshot


A weather-related slowdown may have given this consumer recovery a bad name, but job creation and resurgent spending say otherwise, writes Kristina Hooper.

For Rates, It's a Long Way to the Top

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper discusses the May jobs report and how it ties in to the Fed’s decision on when to raise short-term interest rates and the march to normalization of monetary policy.

June Gloom Doesn't Mean Doom

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper says bucking the conventional wisdom on summer swoons in the stock market may be a smart play, regardless of when the Fed decides to raise interest rates.

For Bond Investors, the Timing of Liftoff Matters

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper breaks down the FOMC minutes and Janet Yellen's public remarks, including why the path of rate hikes and the timing of tightening both matter.

The Trouble With the Consumer

The Upshot


The recent lack of growth in retail sales has fueled fears over a disappointing second quarter, but consumers' reluctance to spend may have more to do with behavioral psychology and risk aversion than a flawed recovery, writes Kristina Hooper.


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