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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Drop in US Productivity Has Important Implications

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Declining worker productivity, which grew at its slowest pace in nearly two years last quarter and rose just over half-a-percent for all of 2015, is a critical issue for the future of US economic growth, according to Kristina Hooper.

Housing Offers Hope for US Economy

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After a series of gloomy US economic data early in the year, Kristina Hooper says the housing sector recovery is one of the few bright spots that could spur growth in 2016.

Buckle Up: More Volatility Ahead

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Investors enter the final week of January wondering if they should sit out the rest of 2016. Kristina Hooper cautions against such short-term thinking and reminds investors to keep their eyes on long-term goals.

The Yellen Short

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The worst yearly start for stocks in history has stunned investors at the outset of 2016. Amid the volatility, Kristina Hooper suggests investors should carefully assess the underlying causes while keeping their eyes on the long-term.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Investors have a lot to think about as 2016 gets underway, writes Kristina Hooper, but don't worry about the confusing "Fed talk" regarding the stock-market sell-off or China's slowdown.

Top 6 Investment Lessons from 2015

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Despite news headlines bemoaning last year's stock-market returns, Kristina Hooper says it wasn't such a bad year overall—particularly for investors who avoided energy, diversified internationally and took advantage of dividends.

Tip for Queasy Investors: Keep Eyes on Horizon

The Upshot


Despite the market's drop after the Fed's historic—though tiny—rate hike, investors shouldn't despair, says Kristina Hooper. The monetary policy environment should remain very accommodative for some time.

All Eyes On the Fed—Despite Hearing Things Differently

The Upshot


One thing we know for sure, says Kristina Hooper, is that all eyes are watching the Fed this week—above the noise of an impending rate hike. What we also know is that within earshot of volatility comes investment opportunity.

Job Market Humming, Rate-Hike Clock Ticking

The Upshot


With the latest jobs numbers about as good as investors could expect, Kristina Hooper says not much should derail December liftoff. But no matter when Fed tightening begins, it will proceed more slowly and last longer than many expect.

'Tis the Season for Watching Consumers' Wallets

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Consumers have always been an important part of the US economy, but today they aren't flexing their muscles much, says Kristina Hooper. With the holiday season in full swing, it's time to see what consumers are thinking—and where they’re spending.

A Warm Pineapple for Wall Street

The Upshot


Last week's stock rally seems to point to a shift to more positive sentiment as markets warm to the idea of a possible December rate hike, says Kristina Hooper. That said, don't dole out the goodwill just yet, there's more data to come.

Contemplating the Impact of Nov. 13

The Upshot


As the world reels from the tragic attacks in Paris, it's unclear how rising geopolitical risks will affect government policies, economic growth and capital markets, says Kristina Hooper. But there are some early answers to investors' initial questions.

Every Rose Has its Thorn(s)

The Upshot


On the tail of a bright jobs report, the likelihood that the FOMC will raise rates in December seems more clear, say Kristina Hooper. However, not everything is picture-perfect as the dollar is strong, global demand is waning and energy prices remain low.

'Rocktober' for US Stocks

The Upshot


While October has been a robust month for the US market, this positive position may begin to wane, says Kristina Hooper. That said, even if stocks run into earnings challenges and economic data stays bland, it’s still important to stay in the game.

Will Voters Force Lawmakers to Loosen the Purse Strings?

The Upshot


With stocks soaring after Mario "Whatever It Takes" Draghi's latest comments, it's clear markets still like easy money from central banks, says Kristina Hooper. But fiscal stimulus induces spending more directly—and voters might start demanding it.


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