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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Does QE Stand for Quixotic Expectations?


Quantitative easing has long been championed by well-known economists, and it has been a boon for stocks when implemented. But is the economic impact real or imagined? asks Kristina Hooper.

4 Reasons Why Investors Shouldn't Ditch Stocks

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper provides a snapshot of recent turmoil in capital markets and the underpinnings that will keep stocks from going into a tailspin.

Brace for a Year of Volatility and Resilience

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper says last week was a microcosm of what to expect in 2015—higher volatility and a stock market that can readily bounce back from adversity.

6 Things to Watch in 2015

The Upshot


Stocks extended their winning streak in 2014, but risks are mounting both at home and abroad. Here are some key areas investors should follow in order to better manage risk and recognize opportunities in 2015, writes Kristina Hooper.

Time In, Not Timing, Is Everything

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper breaks down last week’s wild ride in the stock market, including the teachable moment it offers for long-term investors as they look ahead to 2015.

What You Need to Know About Falling Oil Prices

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper explains the recent drop in the price of oil and how it impacts GDP growth and capex in developed and emerging-market economies.

The Big Engine That Could

The Upshot


The US economy is gathering steam as job gains and healthy corporate fundamentals have helped keep the recovery on track, writes Kristina Hooper.

The Importance of Being Risk-Wise

The Upshot


The hustle and bustle of the holidays can lead to investors taking their eyes off their portfolios and the risks that could potentially derail their financial goals, writes Kristina Hooper.

What Investors Can Be Thankful For

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper highlights four reasons for US investors to be grateful as we wind down 2014—plus a few holiday wishes for capital markets.

Shining a Brighter Light on Inflation

The Upshot


The October jobs report may have helped shift the Fed’s focus from the labor market to inflation, but inflation views vary among businesses and consumers, writes Kristina Hooper.

The 5 E’s for Equity Investors

The Upshot


As we move closer to the end of 2014, there are some key considerations that will wield significant influence over the stock market, writes Kristina Hooper.

Upbeat Consumer, Less Debt Brings Good Tidings

The Upshot


The holiday shopping season is here and there’s good cause for retailers to be optimistic, writes Kristina Hooper.

Will the Ebola Scare Haunt the Stock Market?

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper prescribes four key takeaways from the Ebola epidemic and what it means for investors.

The Skinny on Fatter Tails for Fed Policy

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper comments on escalating fears that a slowdown in global growth could hamstring the US recovery and what that means for monetary-policy outcomes in the United States.

From Extraordinary to Ordinary

The Upshot


The journey to more conventional monetary policy is not without challenges and a pickup in volatility may be chief among them, writes Kristina Hooper.


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