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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Will April Be the Cruelest Month for Data?

The Upshot


The markets have much to mull this month as the Fed ponders a liftoff in rates, writes Kristina Hooper. From jobs to GDP to consumer credit, every data point seems critical except for one: inflation.

Is the March Jobs Report a Game Changer?

The Upshot


The number of new jobs added to the US economy fell sharply after a huge winning streak. Kristina Hooper breaks down the implications for monetary policy, markets and investors.

Running the Triangle Offense in Your Portfolio

The Upshot


A transparent but undecided Fed is adding to market uncertainty, but long-term investors should stick to a well-diversified strategy that's equipped to respond to changing climates, writes Kristina Hooper.

A Temporary Slowdown or a Prolonged Downturn?

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper comments on the recent slowdown in economic growth, how long it will last and what clues the Fed is using to guide its policy actions.

Assessing the Dollar's Danger

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper highlights the pros and cons of a rising US dollar and what it portends for the Fed’s decision on when to raise interest rates.

March Madness

The Upshot


Investors are preoccupied with the timing of an interest-rate hike, but the eventual tightening of monetary policy is not a bad thing, says Kristina Hooper. They just need to keep their heads.

What's the Matter With Wages?

The Upshot


With unemployment falling but inflation still low, Fed members disagree on the importance of wage growth as an inflation driver, writes Kristina Hooper. Still, don't expect a delay in rate hikes just because inflation has been slow to catch up.

4 Essential Truths About Consumers

The Upshot


The US consumer is bouncing back, but perhaps not as quickly as economists had expected given lower oil prices and a brighter employment picture. Kristina Hooper breaks down household spending and debt habits.

Why Active Managers Like Volatility

The Upshot


With global monetary policy and growth on divergent paths, fundamentals as a market driver are experiencing a nascent comeback. Kristina Hooper makes the case for active management in a perpetually uncertain market.

Tech-Sector Strength Trumps Tightening Fears

The Upshot


Don't let oil prices, rosy employment numbers or rate-hike worries distract you from taking a closer look at the tech sector, writes Kristina Hooper. Tech has so far been the MVP of the earnings season, and four key drivers could power the sector higher.

Quiet Progress in the Face of Volatility

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper discusses some overlooked good news investors should consider before making any allocation decisions.

Does QE Stand for Quixotic Expectations?

The Upshot


Quantitative easing has long been championed by well-known economists, and it has been a boon for stocks when implemented. But is the economic impact real or imagined? asks Kristina Hooper.

4 Reasons Why Investors Shouldn't Ditch Stocks

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper provides a snapshot of recent turmoil in capital markets and the underpinnings that will keep stocks from going into a tailspin.

Brace for a Year of Volatility and Resilience

The Upshot


Kristina Hooper says last week was a microcosm of what to expect in 2015—higher volatility and a stock market that can readily bounce back from adversity.

6 Things to Watch in 2015

The Upshot


Stocks extended their winning streak in 2014, but risks are mounting both at home and abroad. Here are some key areas investors should follow in order to better manage risk and recognize opportunities in 2015, writes Kristina Hooper.


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