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Every Monday, The Upshot offers timely market analysis from our US investment strategist, including a breakdown of economic and policy trends, and their implications for investors. Plus, a snapshot of upcoming economic events.

Where to From Here? 5 Post-Election Market Trends

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Less than two weeks out from the US Presidential election and the response from financial markets has been swift and dramatic. In the aftershock of this post-election period, Kristina Hooper outlines five key market trends impacting investor portfolios.

Election Post-Mortem—Blame it on Monetary Policy

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Many political pundits are struggling to provide answers for Donald Trump's surprising election victory. Kristina Hooper, however, says it may be as simple as an over-reliance on monetary policy, which has resulted in income as well as asset inequality.

Countdown to the Election: Government Gridlock

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The next POTUS will have his or her deal-making skills severely tested amid rising political tensions. And after the most divisive presidential campaign in memory, Kristina Hooper and Peter Lefkin warn investors to gird against more government gridlock.

Countdown to the Election: The Candidates on Healthcare

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Making up about 17% of US GDP and affecting all, healthcare has long been a political lightning rod in US elections. Kristina Hooper, along with Peter Lefkin, scrutinize the 2016 candidates' healthcare positions and their potential impact on the economy.

Election Countdown: Taxation

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Amid a most astounding presidential campaign season, tax policy has gone virtually unnoticed. Kristina Hooper looks past the rhetoric to shed light on the candidates’ tax proposals and what a Clinton or Trump victory could mean for the US economy.

Election Countdown: Fiscal Spending

The Upshot


For the second time in as many debates, the US presidential candidates failed to talk about fiscal spending. Much too important to go unmentioned, Kristina Hooper presents each candidate’s fiscal platform and the potential implications for the US economy.

Countdown to the Election: Infrastructure Spending

The Upshot


Lost in the analysis of last week’s first presidential debate was the brief but important mention of infrastructure. It’s actually the one thing both candidates agree on, according to Kristina Hooper, who says investors would do well to take note.

Election Countdown: 3 Months That Will Shape the Future

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As the fourth quarter of 2016 dawns, an eventful year becomes more so. Americans decide on the next US president and the composition of Congress, while the Fed decides whether to hike rates. Kristina Hooper says there is year-end uncertainty all around.

Will the Fed Drive With Both Feet on the Pedals?

The Upshot


The potential for a June rate hike is higher than many market participants believe, says Kristina Hooper. But summer tightening could still be part of an overall benign monetary policy, given the possibility of a "gas-brake-gas-brake" rate-hike cycle.

Is the US Stock Market Rally for Real?

The Upshot


After a weak start to 2016, investors are becoming calmer as they adjust to volatile market conditions, enabling equities to rally. With doom not emerging in the US just yet, says Kristina Hooper, fear is all around us but not upon us.

The Slinky US Consumer

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Bolstered by job and wage gains but still somewhat tentative, Kristina Hooper says US consumers have been less like a tightly coiled spring and more like a Slinky—which moves slowly only to compress and uncoil once again.

Drop in US Productivity Has Important Implications

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Declining worker productivity, which grew at its slowest pace in nearly two years last quarter and rose just over half-a-percent for all of 2015, is a critical issue for the future of US economic growth, according to Kristina Hooper.


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