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Our global reach and local presence enable our colleagues around the world to publish a wide range of insights into today’s rapidly changing and complex marketplace.
Macroprudential Policy: Necessary, But Not a Panacea

Designed to stabilize the entire financial system by limiting systemic risk, this previously unknown field of policy is rapidly gaining momentum among central bankers and finance ministers, says Ann-Katrin Petersen in this new research paper.

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Financial Repression: A Driving Force for Mergers and Acquisitions?

Robust corporate finances, low rates and marginal growth are powering an upsurge in M&A activity. Is this a flash in the pan or could it drive equity markets higher? Find out in this new report from our Global Capital Markets & Thematic Research team.

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Dividend Strategies in Times of Financial Repression

Low interest rates and market volatility have investors feeling hemmed in, but dividends could be a way out. This paper takes an in-depth dive into how dividend-paying stocks offer investors higher yield potential and low price volatility in today’s environment of financial repression.

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Quality Growth in Europe

Although growth in Europe remains muted, our new research report shows that investing in Europe now may be a sound idea thanks to strong leading indicators, expansionary monetary policy, economic improvements and attractive valuations.

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China’s Reform Blueprint: A Good Start to Lift Confidence but Far from a Complete Solution

While no panacea, China’s reform plan addresses many structural problems, notes Portfolio Manager Anthony Wong. One of the key issues tackled by the plan involves introducing more competition in state-owned enterprises.

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US Manufacturing: Prospects, Threats and Misperceptions

Talk of a US manufacturing “renaissance” may be premature, writes strategist Greg Meier. While manufacturing is supported by robust domestic demand, a much-needed boost has to come from key tax-policy changes.

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Is Small Beautiful?

Do small caps have room to run? This research report shows why small-capitalization companies can be performance-driving beauties that make an eye-catching addition to a well-structured portfolio.

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Active Management

For years, the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of active and passive management has been one of the liveliest in the investment industry. Just what is the best approach? Our research paper provides you with key insights to help you decide.

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Towards a New Asset Bubble?

Is ultra-easy monetary policy helping to create a series of asset bubbles across the globe in equities, bonds and real estate? Stefan Hofrichter, head of global economics & strategy, thinks these worries are inflated.

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Equities: The “New Safe Option” for Portfolios?

In today’s low-yield climate, staying low-risk in benchmark bonds may be a big risk. This research paper argues that equities may actually be “safer” than bonds when viewed over a long-term investment horizon of more than 10 years.

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Will Deflation Follow Disinflation?

Stefan Hofrichter, head of global economics & strategy, thinks today’s declining inflation rates will gradually stabilize, allowing both the US and Europe to ward off a dreaded deflationary scenario.

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The Changing Nature of Equity Markets and the Need for More Active Management

Active management has provided healthy returns over the past decades, although the pace has slowed. Yet this research paper from Andreas Utermann offers compelling evidence that the most active stock pickers are actually more likely to outperform.

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