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Glossary of Financial Terms — Acronyms 





AAU  Agreement Among Underwriters

ABS  Asset-Backed Security

A-CAT  Automated Customer Account Transfer

ADR  American Depository Receipt

AI  Accrued Interest

AMF  Asset Managers Forum

AMI  Alternative Mortgage Instrument

AON  All or None

APR  Annualized Percentage Rate

ARM  Adjustable Rate Mortgage

ASE  American Stock Exchange

ASIC  Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services

AUM  Assets Under Management

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BA  Banker’s Acceptance

BOE  Bank of England

BOJ  Bank of Japan

BP  Basis Point

BPA  Business Process Automation
BPR  Business Process Reengineering

BRE  Bond Reinvestment Equivalent

BVA  Business Value Added

BW  Bid Wanted
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CBE  Corporate Bond Equivalent

CBO  Collateralized Bond Obligation

CBOE  Chicago Board of Options Exchange

CBOT  Chicago Board of Trade

1. Certificate of Deposit
2. Certificate of Delivery

CDR  Collateralized Depository Receipt

CDS  Credit Default Swap

CDSC  Contingent Deferred Sales Charge

CFA  Chartered Financial Analyst

CFP  Certified Financial Planner
CFTC  Commodity Futures Trading Commission

CLO  Collateralized Loan Obligation

CMBS  Commercial Mortgage Backed Security

CME  Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CMO  Collateralized Mortgage Obligation

CP  Commercial Paper

CPI  Consumer Price Index

CPN  Coupon or (COUP)

CTE  Corporate Tax Equivalent

CTM  Coming To Me

CVT  Convertible or (CONV)
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DD  Delayed Delivery

DEB  Debenture

DJIA  Dow Jones Industrial Average
DK  Don’t Know; A street term used whenever parties do not agree on a transaction.

DPN  Deferred Purchase Note

DTCC  Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation
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MERC  Chicago Mercantile Exchange

MLP  Master Limited Partnership
MPT  Modern Portfolio Theory

MTG  Mortgage

MUNI  Municipal
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NASD  National Association of Securities Dealers

NAV  Net Asset Value

NCC  National Clearing Corporation
NVA  No Value Added

NYFE  New York Futures Exchange

NYSE  New York Stock Exchange
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OMC  Open Market Committee

O & O  Own and Offer

OTC  Over the Counter
OTL  Out to Lunch

OW  Offer Wanted
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PBW  Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington Exchange

PC  Participation Certificate

PFD  Preferred
PPF  Performance Portal File (also: AGI PP)

PPI  Producer Price Index

PT  Point

PX  Price
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REIT  Real Estate Investment Trust

REMIC  Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit

RMD  Required Minimum
ROA  Rights of Accumulation

RP  Repurchase Agreement

1. Reinvestment Rate
2. Registered Representative
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S & L  Savings and Loan

S & P  Standard and Poor’s Corporation

SABE  Semi-Annual Bond Equivalent

SAI  Statement of Additional Information

SEC  Securities and Exchange Commission

1. Sinking Fund
2. Single Family

SIBOR  Singapore Interbank Offered Rate
SIFMA  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

SLA  Service Level Agreement

SME Subject Matter Expert

SOX  Sarbanes-Oxley

STRIP  Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities

1. Subsidiary
2. Subject
3. Subordinated
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T, U
TAB  Tax Anticipation Bill

TIPS  Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

TRS  Total Return Swap

TSY  Treasury
UCITS  Undertakings for Commercial Investments in Transferable Securities

UMA  Unified Managed Account

USGG  United States Government Guaranteed

UTIL  Utility
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1. Veterans Administration
2. Value Added

VaR  Value at Risk
VRM  Variable Rate Mortgage

VIT  Variable Annuity Sub-Accounts
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WAL  Weighted Average Life

WAM  Weighted Average Maturity

WB  We Bid

WBF  We Bid Firm

WBS  We Bid Subject

WI  When Issued
WO  We Offer

WOF  We Offer Firm

WOS  We Offer Subject

WSJ  Wall Street Journal

WW  With Warrants
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X, Y
XW  Ex-Warrants YLD  Yield

YTAL  Yield to Average Life

YTC  Yield to Call

YTM  Yield to Maturity

YTW  Yield to Worst
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