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Why clean water investing is poised for a huge wave of growth—and how you can ride it.


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Responsive Water Infographic

Water, Water Not Everywhere

  • 97%Saltwater oceans

  • 3%Fresh water

Only 0.007% is safe for consumption

High Demand

Select from the categories below to see how it impacts the world's water usage.¹

Agriculture Industry Personal consumption

AGRICULTURE: Farming is water intensive. Current trends have further boosted demand.

How many gallons² of water are required to produce a pound of…

POPULATION: In 2050, the population is expected to grow by 3 billion people.³

Of the 3 billion, 2.7 billion are expected to be from developing countries.

URBANIZATION: By 2050, 7 out of every 10 people will live in an urban area.4 Urbanization

What's Wrong With The Water?

What's Wrong? Approximately, what percentage of sewage in the developing world is dumped directly into rivers, lakes and coastal waters?5
What's Wrong?What percentage of China's rivers are too toxic for fish—let alone people?6
What's Wrong?What percentage of industrial waste in the developing world is discarded directly into rivers, lakes and coastal waters?5
US water systems need more than $275 billion in investments through 2023.7

What Can Be Done?

7 Ways to Invest

  1. Pumping & pipelines

  2. Well drilling

  3. Wastewater treatment

  4. Filtration & purification

  5. Desalination

  6. Leakage detection

  7. Testing & measurement

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