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4 Keys to the G20 Summit

March 16, 2017 With America's leadership waning, Neil Dwane says the G20's role as an institution for global co-operation is more vital than ever. Participants at this week’s meeting plan to address tough issues like protectionism, currency manipulation and regulation.

No 'Nexit': Why We Expect a Pro-EU Dutch Government

March 16, 2017 Now that the VVD party has emerged victorious in the Netherlands’ parliamentary elections, we expect the current administration to continue more or less in its current form – and possibly become even more aligned with Brussels.

The BOJ Is Upbeat on Inflation, But for How Long?

March 15, 2017 We expect no new actions from the BOJ at their latest meeting. Yet although the central bank is upbeat about inflation, Stefan Scheurer says the BOJ has to pave the way for future yield-target adjustments if inflation disappoints as US rates rise.

Post-Brexit, UK Residents Are Changing Travel Plans

March 15, 2017 UK travel agents tell Grassroots℠ that the 2017 travel season is off to a good start, but plans are changing. Among the top reasons cited: a weaker British pound, political uncertainty and security concerns in previously popular destinations like Turkey.

A Fed Hike Is in the Cards

March 14, 2017 We expect the FOMC to hike the fed funds rate at its next meeting, following strong US jobs numbers, rising inflation and a supportive economic backdrop. Franck Dixmier says not doing so would confound market expectations and risk a surge in volatility.

Onward, Comrades! 5 Priorities for a Resurgent Russia

March 7, 2017 One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, the tsars and the USSR are gone, but Russia itself is alive and well. With the US more isolationist, Neil Dwane says Russia has a chance to revise its standing with the US and EU—but this time, as an equal.

Leap Forward: China's Next Four Modernizations

February 22, 2017 As President Xi Jinping considers China’s next Five Year Plan, perhaps he will put his own twist on a predecessor’s strategy and look to strengthen China in four key areas: agriculture, industry, defense, and science & technology.

Less Globalization Means More Volatility

February 10, 2017 Post-election, Investors face the prospect of a global economy retreating from globalization. As geopolitical events play out, Andreas Utermann, CEO and Global CIO tells Bloomberg there will be plenty of volatility—as well as opportunity.


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