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Bullish Signals Outweigh Bearish Obstacles

Stronger-than-expected economic data on the heels of a harsh winter and anecdotal evidence of improving conditions have bolstered the case for further stock-market upside, overshadowing potential headwinds, writes Kristina Hooper.

3 Key Takeaways from the Jobs Report

US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper breaks down the March employment report, including what it means for monetary policy, markets and investors.

How to Play a Yellen-Led Fed With Dividends

Portfolio manager Ben Fischer explains the role dividend-paying stocks play in portfolios at a time when the Fed’s unwinding QE and a bull run in equities is maturing. Plus, how NFJ should perform if there’s a correction and where he’s finding bargains.

4 Key Takeaways from the FOMC Meeting

US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper highlights the implications of the Fed’s decision to ditch the 6.5% unemployment rate target for raising short-term interest rates and to continue tapering asset purchases by $10 billion a month.

How the Ukraine Conflict Impacts Investors

Global CIO Andreas Utermann and Global Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter break down the Russian incursion and what it means for developed and emerging markets, oil prices and Europe’s banking system.

The Job Market in 5 Charts

The bull run in equities since the financial crisis has hit its five-year anniversary. But the labor market, while making strides, hasn’t enjoyed as much improvement as the stock market. Here’s the state of the employment situation in five simple charts.

Jobs Upside Surprise Should Work for Investors

US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper delivers a quick take on the February employment report and what it means for markets and the Fed.

A Strong Outlook for High Yield in 2014

Portfolio manager Doug Forsyth discusses the positive environment for high-yield bonds: In addition to strong balance sheets, low default risk and solid earnings, monetary policy should remain accommodative and the economy is facing fewer headwinds.

Surging US Oil Production Has Big Implications

With the US slated to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015, US Resources sector head Paul Strand explains the economic, political and investment consequences of this major shift.

A MyRA Makeover for Retirement Savers

Auto-enrollment in retirement plans is a great start. But the real key is auto-escalation, which boosts savings as time goes on, helping to avoid later shortfalls, writes behavioral finance expert Shlomo Benartzi in Pensions & Investments.

Where to Invest in India Today

Markets are optimistic that India’s May elections will usher in a reform-minded government, writes Raymond Chan. But a complicated political landscape makes it important to invest in proven companies that know how to navigate volatility.

Taking ‘Smart Risk’ to Achieve Active Return

Global CIO Andreas Utermann highlights key themes from our recent Investment Forum in Hong Kong, including the role of “disruptive technologies” in active management and the importance of risk assets in today’s low-growth, low-yield, low-inflation world.

What’s Next for Small-Cap Stocks?

Andrew Neville, lead portfolio manager for AllianzGI Global Small Cap Fund, discusses small-cap valuations, the pace of M&A and where he’s finding growth in 2014.

The Big Shift to Fundamentals

Kristina Hooper tells Squawk Box’s Joe Kernen that the Fed’s decision to taper is a vote of confidence for the economy, and that 2014 markets should feature a gradual handoff from QE to fundamentals. Watch the CNBC video.

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