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5 Reasons to Go Active With Water Investing

July 20, 2017 The water industry, perhaps more than any other, is primed for long-term growth on a global scale and Andreas Fruschki says this presents big advantages for active investors. Here are five reasons to consider going active with AllianzGI Global Water Fund.

Mid-Year Outlook: Be More Selective in the Second Half

July 19, 2017 After a strong first half to 2017 for equities, the message for the remainder of the year is to seek returns more carefully. Neil Dwane says the "country factor" is key: Investors can no longer rely on a rising tide of cyclical data to lift all boats.

Three Reasons to Get Active

July 17, 2017 In 2016, over $500 billion moved into passively managed index funds, while $340 billion exited actively managed funds. While this points to a challenging time for active managers, Greg Meier says the shift to passive is misguided for three key reasons.

5 Reasons to Consider European Equities

July 17, 2017 The "United States of Europe" (USE) has been a work in progress since the end of World War II. Now, with fallout from the financial crisis abating and political risk subsiding, Neil Dwane says Europe is offering compelling investment opportunities.

Normalizing the Fed's Balance Sheet – Not So Fast

July 6, 2017 Raising the federal funds rate is just one part of the Fed’s plan for higher interest rates. Another part, according to Steve Malin, is the somewhat tricky process of purging $2 trillion in US Treasury and agency securities from the Fed’s balance sheet.

Books You Should Read This Summer

June 29, 2017 Why not use summertime to catch up on your reading? Neil Dwane’s summer reading list combines engaging narratives with timely insight into investing themes. Among the 12 books listed here, we think you'll find something to enlighten your summer.

Macron Majority Gives His Reforms Momentum

June 19, 2017 With a new majority in the French National Assembly, President Macron has increased the chances parliament will pass his ambitious reforms aimed at labor and economic growth. But France also faces some hard fiscal realities that may take some time to fix.

UK Election: Uncertainty Piled on Uncertainty

June 13, 2017 The election was never going to put an end to the uncertainty facing the UK, given Brexit and the deteriorating economic picture. But the result piles uncertainty on uncertainty.

5 Reasons to Expect Higher Oil Prices

May 30, 2017 Despite a recent bout of plunging prices, Neil Dwane says the oil market should grind higher on solid global demand, renewed supply constraints and still-significant underinvestment. All of which builds a clear case for investing in the energy sector.

What it Means to be Dynamic

May 25, 2017 Target Date Funds (TDFs) have transformed retirement investing, but the static approach to the glidepath leaves many investors at risk. A more dynamic strategy is needed, and Glenn Dial says it all begins with defining what dynamic investing actually is.

No Big Changes to Corporate Travel Spending in 2017

May 23, 2017 In 2017, corporate travel spending is expected to be flat or up slightly year-to-year. Despite heightened global security concerns, travel policies are not changing for most, while a few cited investments in duty of care risk-management programs.

Robo-Advisors: Low Cost vs. a Personalized Approach

May 12, 2017 According to two new Grassroots℠ Research surveys, robo-advice has the potential to help both investors – and advisors – alike. While automated services may be an attractive low-cost solution, not everyone is willing to forgo the personal touch.

Aging Water Infrastructure Means More Municipal Capex

May 10, 2017 Aging US water infrastructure translates to increased municipal spending in 2017, focusing on replacements rather than repairs, and a commitment to follow through on planned investments. Grassroots℠ Research shows that this trend is likely to continue.

How Innovation Creates Opportunities Late in the Cycle

May 10, 2017 In high-priced markets, there are good reasons to look for innovative companies that thrive on disruption. Karen Hiatt says many are highly valued with good cash flows because they have essential products and services, which could bode well in a downturn.

Macron's Win Is a Loss for Euro-Phobia

May 7, 2017 With his victory as France's new president-elect, Emmanuel Macron can celebrate – for now. Much depends on whether he can secure a parliamentary majority in June. Nevertheless, Macron’s win helps investors see the more positive side to the European story.


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