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Why You Should Discount What FOMC Members Say

October 7, 2015 Investors surprised by the FOMC's decision to delay rate hikes might not have been reading its official statements closely enough, says Investment Strategist Steve Malin. Here are four factors to watch to help you anticipate future policy actions.

Consumers May Be Set to Flex Collective Muscle

October 5, 2015 Despite last week's relatively gloomy jobs report and questions about economic growth, both at home and abroad, US Investment Strategist Kristina Hooper says the US consumer is feeling upbeat. That suggests an opportunity for investors right now.

4 Takeaways from the Jobs Report

October 2, 2015 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team digs into the data to explore the implications for inflation and Fed tightening.

What Boehner's Retirement Means for the Shutdown

September 30, 2015 In a new commentary, Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, says that John Boehner will probably reach one last deal with Democrats—likely averting another D.C. crisis—before stepping down from his speakership.

Why the Fed Kept Rates 'Lower for Longer' Yet Again

September 18, 2015 As a divided FOMC continues sitting on its collective hands, our experts analyze what's going on behind the scenes and outline the investment implications of the Fed's latest inaction.

Has the Fed Helped or Hurt?

September 17, 2015 Andreas Utermann tells Bloomberg TV that QE and zero-interest-rate policies have sent a negative signal to financial markets and been counterproductive to boosting economic growth.

Implications of the Fed's Decision

September 17, 2015 After months of hand-wringing, the markets finally got their answer about Fed liftoff. Watch Kristina Hooper on CNBC discussing what it means for the markets and her bullish assessment of the tech sector.

First, Do No Harm

September 11, 2015 Congress returns from summer recess but expectations are low for meaningful progress, writes Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America. Will the next debt-ceiling debate be more contentious than the last one?

3 Takeaways From the Jobs Report

September 4, 2015 Our Capital Markets & Strategy team puts the August employment report in perspective ahead of the Federal Reserve’s September meeting.


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