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Leap Forward: China's Next Four Modernizations

February 22, 20178 As President Xi Jinping considers China’s next Five Year Plan, perhaps he will put his own twist on a predecessor’s strategy and look to strengthen China in four key areas: agriculture, industry, defense, and science & technology.

Less Globalization Means More Volatility

February 10, 2017 Post-election, Investors face the prospect of a global economy retreating from globalization. As geopolitical events play out, Andreas Utermann, CEO and Global CIO tells Bloomberg there will be plenty of volatility—as well as opportunity.

Is Trump's 'Red Meat' the Right Long-Term Diet?

February 9, 2017 Within hours of assuming office, Donald Trump began issuing executive orders to fulfill campaign promises. But if he really wants to "make America great again," Neil Dwane asks: Will Trump address the long-term structural problems that sorely need fixing?

China's Open Bond Markets Lift Investor Interest

February 6, 2017 Regulators and policymakers in China have been enticing foreign investors with easier access to its bond markets—and our Asia-Pacific Fixed-Income CIO David Tan says it's working. Of particular interest are green bonds.

Active Investors Thrive on Creative Destruction

February 6, 2017 As disruption factors into investment decisions in this post-election period, Hans-Jörg Naumer reminds us of the "creative power of destruction." This is precisely the environment where active investors can apply their skills and sort out the winners.

Extracting Alpha from China’s Equity Markets

February 2, 2017 Investors fixated on China's macro issues could miss the bottom-up opportunities in a market with more listed companies than the US, says our Asia-Pacific equities CIO. Rewards abound for investors who grasp the size and subtleties of fast-changing China.

Tough Task Ahead for China's Coal and Steel Industries

February 1, 2017 When Grassroots surveyed coal and steel manufacturers in China about recent capacity reduction orders, we learned many didn't meet their targets. And now with the potential for protectionism from the Trump administration, production looks more uncertain.

3 Top-Down Drivers of Growth-Value Rotations

February 1, 2017 After years of playing catch-up to growth stocks, value experienced a reversal of fortune in 2016 as previously unloved sectors went on to outperform. In anticipating sudden style rotations like this, Stefan Rondorf keeps the focus on three main things.

Facing a Tricky Situation, Fed Must Communicate Clearly

January 30, 2017 While the FOMC isn't expected to raise rates at its next meeting, the markets may be underestimating the future pace of rate hikes. Franck Dixmier says the Fed should clarify its intentions, particularly as Trump assumes the presidency.

Dividend Strategies Drawing Increased Attention

January 25, 2017 In today's low-yield environment, Hans-Jörg Naumer says dividend strategies can be a key performance driver for investors' portfolios—and they can play a role as an anchor of stability amid increased market volatility.

Positioning Portfolios for Political Shifts and a Changing China

January 24, 2017 In his roundup of our latest Investment Forum, Neil Dwane highlights critical market drivers—including China's growing role in global indices, Trump's disruption of the status quo, Europe's super-election cycle and the "hunt for income" going global.

President Trump: A Preview of the First 100 Days

January 20, 2017 At the outset of his presidency, Donald Trump is facing the most scrutinized first 100 days in the history of the office. In a time that will set the tone for the next four years, Peter Lefkin previews the hot-button issues confronting the new president.

Weak Inflation Should Prompt ECB to Hold Fast

January 18, 2017 Don't expect the European Central Bank to announce any major policy change at its January 19 meeting, says Franck Dixmier. While neither inflation nor job growth are strong enough to change course right now, the ECB may soon reach its limits.

2017 Outlook: Active Investing Amid Reactive Geopolitics

January 9, 2017 Despite major US market indices near record highs, the beginning of 2017 is no time for investor complacency. In a year that could have more surprises than 2016, Neil Dwane says active investing is a strategic imperative amid shifting geopolitical trends.

5 Good & 5 Bad Scenarios for Investors in 2017

December 28, 2016 Peering into the next 12 months, Neil Dwane looks at how 10 hypothetical events—including a "soft Brexit", the rise of "green bonds" and a Le Pen victory in France—could affect economies and markets around the world.


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