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A Gut Check for Global Investors

April 20, 2015 Renewed tensions over a possible Greek exit and tighter lending standards in China helped fuel a sharp selloff in stocks around the world. But these crises tend to be shortlived, says Kristina Hooper.

Imagining the Unimaginable

April 16, 2015 Succeeding as an investor in today's challenging economic environment, where unpredictable events can unfold at unthinkable speeds, requires skill, agility and courage, writes Global CIO Andreas Utermann.

Looking at Small Cap Through the Right Lens

April 14, 2015 Our seasoned crew of small-cap portfolio managers discuss valuations in the context of earnings growth, what to expect from small-cap stocks when interest rates rise and how they actively manage risk in their portfolios.

Will April Be the Cruelest Month for Data?

April 13, 2015The markets have much to mull this month as the Fed ponders a liftoff in rates, writes Kristina Hooper. From jobs to GDP to consumer credit, every data point seems critical except for one: inflation.

What the Fed Really Said

April 10, 2015Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the March 18 FOMC announcement, including what it means for markets, monetary policy and investors.

Innovation, Regulatory Changes Bolster Biotech

April 10, 2015 The biotech sector's multi-year outperformance doesn't mean it's in bubble territory, argues Portfolio Manager John Schroer. Instead, it's the result of new advances in medical technology and regulatory changes driving the sector forward.

Risk Appetite Returns to Asian High-Yield Market

April 9, 2015 Although Asian high-yield bonds underperformed the broader Asian credit market in 2014, CIO Fixed Income Asia Pacific David Tan says they still offer an attractive yield pick-up in today’s environment of low global interest rates.

Oil Price Fuels Growth, Especially in Europe

April 8, 2015 Higher disposable income from falling oil prices is leading to increased private-sector spending in the developed world, says Chief Economist Stefan Hofrichter. For Europe, it's a much-needed tailwind.

Watch the Retirement Risk Gap

March 19, 2015Choosing the right glide path isn't just about getting the most return for a certain level of risk anymore. There's a sizeable disparity between what retirement savers are willing to do and what's needed to hit their goals.

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