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What the Outcome in Greece Means for Markets

With Syriza's win in Greece's parliamentary election, our Economics & Strategy team says the anti-austerity party's first real litmus test will be the potential rollover of Greece's debt.

Does QE Stand for Quixotic Expectations?

Quantitative easing has long been championed by well-known economists, and it has been a boon for stocks when implemented. But is the economic impact real or imagined? asks Kristina Hooper.

4 Reasons Why Investors Shouldn't Ditch Stocks

January 20, 2015Kristina Hooper provides a snapshot of recent turmoil in capital markets and the underpinnings that will keep stocks from going into a tailspin.

Making Sense of an Inflated Swiss Franc

January 16, 2015 Our Economics & Strategy team breaks down the major disruption in currency markets following the Swiss National Bank’s policy U-turn.

Popping the Hood on the December Jobs Report

January 12, 2015 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest employment data, key takeaways for investors and implications for monetary policy.

What the Fed Really Said

January 12, 2015 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team offers up key insights from recently released minutes of the FOMC's December 2014 meeting.

Fed Wants Progress in Inflation, Jobs Before 'Liftoff'

December 18, 2014 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team offers up the key takeaways of the Dec. 17 FOMC communications, and the implications for markets and monetary policy.

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On September 13, 2004, as part of a settlement, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) entered an Order against PA Fund Management LLC, PEA Capital LLC and PA Distributors LLC relating to allegations of market timing relating to four funds (Multi-Manager Series: Growth Fund, Opportunity Fund, Target Fund and Innovation Fund). PA Fund Management LLC, PEA Capital LLC and PA Distributors LLC neither admitted nor denied any of the Commission’s findings in the Order. Pursuant to the Order, an Independent Distribution Consultant (“IDC”) was engaged to develop a plan for the distribution to investors of a share of monies paid by PA Fund Management LLC, PEA Capital LLC and PA Distributors LLC pursuant to the settlement (the “Proposed Plan for Distribution”). On October 7, 2010, the Proposed Plan for Distribution was posted by the Commission for public comment and is available for viewing on the Commission website as well as at the following website managed by Rust Consulting, Inc, the proposed administrator for the distribution,

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