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President Trump's 100-Day Scorecard

April 28, 2017 When he took office, President Trump clearly outlined his policy priorities for the first 100 days. Now that this milestone has been reached, Neil Dwane takes a look at the progress the new president has made.

When Will Greece Take the Icelandic Road to Recovery?

April 27, 2017 Greece is back in the headlines with the resumption of bailout talks. As its economy continues to struggle, Neil Dwane wonders if Greece and the EU can learn lessons from Iceland, which found a way to turn short-term pain into long-term gain

How Will the Fed Evolve Under Trump?

April 25, 2017 Beset with low rates, slow growth and a new US president who wants a significant shift in policy, Steve Malin says the Federal Reserve faces one of the most uncertain periods in its 104-year history. What could a changing Fed mean for investors.

'French Risk Premium' Could Persist Until June

April 24, 2017 Markets cheered the prospect of an Emmanuel Macron presidency, but even if he wins, his reforms may lack parliamentary support. As a result, Franck Dixmier says the risk aversion of recent weeks could last until France's legislative elections in June.

UK General Election: A Surprise that Heralds Greater Certainty?

April 20, 2017 British PM Theresa May's call for a snap general election in June seems designed to help her negotiating position on Brexit. While the news has boosted hopes of a "softer" Brexit, Neil Dwane warns of more volatility during the run-up to the election.

Cooperation Springs Forth at the G20

April 19, 2017 New geopolitical tensions arising out of Syria and North Korea may have made the US more open to international cooperation. As the G20 meets this week in Washington, Neil Dwane says it could be a confidence-building development for financial markets.

China's Banks Are Looking Less Shadowy

April 19, 2017 As China's banking industry sets out to improve transparency, Grassroots℠ Research analyst Joey Wong says a new breed of lower-risk wealth-management products and a healthier mortgage market support a more positive view of the country's banks.

Battles Brewing Over US Budget and Taxes

April 7, 2017 President Trump's ambitious agenda is encountering stiff resistance, but meaningful spending and tax changes should happen well before year-end. Steve Malin says markets will respond well if Mr. Trump's pro-growth, pro-business policies become reality.

6 Pressure Points for US Stocks

April 6, 2017 The highly valued US equity market has served many investors well in recent years, but Neil Dwane warns investors should watch for several factors that could put downward pressure on prices. At the top: Trumponomics troubles and growing inflation fears.

Will Italy Spoil Europe's Election Celebrations?

April 5, 2017 Early on in Europe's "super-cycle" election year, voters seem to be preferring pro-EU candidates. The outlier could be Italy, which Stefan Hofrichter says is under serious economic stress and could vote to leave the EU or euro at the next opportunity.

TV and the Internet: Toward a More Perfect Union

April 3, 2017 As television and the internet become more integrated, satellite and cable providers are presenting a plethora of new subscriber packages. Grassroots℠ Research shows that consumers are captivated, with many inclined to negotiate new package agreements.

Can Your Target Date Fund Provide Lifetime Income?

March 24, 2017 For Target Date Funds (TDFs), the focus has always been on reaching retirement day. Now, on the brink of a baby boomer exodus from the workforce, Glenn Dial says TDFs should aim way past the target date to focus on retirement income, and lots of it.


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