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With QE Over, Fed Shows Confidence in Economy

October 29, 2014 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest FOMC announcement and its key takeaways for investors.

Europe Is Ripe for Stock-Pickers

October 28, 2014 CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says not all European stocks should be equally undervalued, unloved and under-owned. Take a look at high-quality dividend-payers and you’ll find well-run companies that know how to navigate an austere economic environment.

Will the Ebola Scare Haunt the Stock Market?

October 27, 2014 Kristina Hooper prescribes four key takeaways from the Ebola epidemic and what it means for investors.

Back to the Future

October 16, 2014 Cherry picking attractive defined-benefit features from the past is a smart move when designing new DC plans. But be wary of placing too much emphasis on highest average account balance—it’s likely to leave some participants in the lurch.

The New 'Alphabet' of Investing

October 7, 2014 Global CIO Andreas Utermann rounds up the highlights of our most recent Investment Forum in Frankfurt: With the stage set for lower market returns, generating alpha through active management will be essential for capturing outperformance opportunities.

September Jobs Report Won't Change Tightening Timetable

October 3, 2014 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team breaks down the latest employment data and its implications for monetary policy.

What Investors Can Expect After Scotland's 'No' Vote

September 19, 2014 Our Global CIO says the British pound’s post-“no” vote rise should be accompanied by a bounce for companies that had been adversely affected by the uncertainty surrounding the referendum on Scotland’s independence.

How Scotland's Independence Could Affect the UK

September 18, 2014 With the stage set for a close vote on Scotland’s secession from the United Kingdom, CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane and Portfolio Manager Simon Gergel provide their on-the-ground insights into the referendum’s market, political and economic ramifications.

How Europe Can Move Forward, Abenomics-Style

August 27, 2014Global CIO Andreas Utermann writes in the Financial Times that European officials should create their own trio of “Abenomics” arrows, focused on accommodative monetary policy, employment and tax reforms, and infrastructure investment.

Big Plans for New EU President Juncker

August 27, 2014CIO Equity Europe Neil Dwane says European citizens have fresh hope for meaningful, positive change as incoming EU President Jean-Claude Juncker takes on huge political, economic, social and financial challenges during his first 100 days.

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