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Which browsers will afford me the optimal website experience?
The following browsers offer site users the best experience in terms of loading speed, functionality and display of content.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Safari 5
Chrome 39
Which screen resolution offers the best viewing experience?
The recommended resolution for is 1024 x 768.
How do I register for
If you are a Financial Advisor or Registered Investor Advisor, then please visit our registration page.  We do not offer registration for Investors.
How do I access my account information?
To access account information please click the Access Account button in the upper-right-hand corner of the site or click here.

How does the site use cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data stored on your computer. We use cookies to make our site more convenient to use. Our site sometimes uses cookies to track how our visitors move through the site.

How do cookies help me?

Cookies save you time. If you personalize pages, or register for products or services, a cookie helps us remember who you are. We use this information to make decisions about ways to improve your experience on the website.

What does clicking “Remember Me” do exactly?

Remember me uses "cookies" to save your information on your computer. Cookies are text files, not programs, that allow us to recognize you when you return. It is essentially your identification card, and cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. Saving your password makes it possible to use the convenient services offered registered users of our site without having to enter your user name and password each time you visit.

How do I log in as a registered user?

Advisors can log in using either their Allianz Global Investors user name and password or their DST Vision ID and password.

What information do I get as a registered user?

Registered users can view additional Advisor-only content designed to help them discuss investments with clients, order and track marketing literature and product information, and access custom tools, like our Target-Date Tool Set. Register now.

What is the difference between account access and site registration?

Online account information is handled separately and always requires a separate sign-in procedure to ensure the security of personal information, unless you are an advisor logging in using a DST Vision ID. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Additional assistance:


Mutual Funds and Managed Accounts

Phone: To speak with your Allianz Global Investors internal wholesaler, call 1-800-926-4456.


CollegeAccess 529 SM Plan

To access your clients’ CollegeAccess 529 Plan information online, click here.

Phone: To speak with your Allianz Global Investors representative, call 1-866-529-7462.

For additional information, visit


OklahomaDream 529 Plan

To access your OklahomaDream 529 Plan information online, click here.

Phone: To speak with an Investor Services rep, call 1-877-529-9299.

For additional information, visit


MI 529 Advisor Plan

To access your MI 529 Advisor Plan information online, click here.

Phone: To speak with an Investor Services rep, call 1-866-529-8818.

For additional information, visit


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