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Harnessing Equity Index Options for Total Return

October 20, 2016 Stephen Bond-Nelson explains how the AllianzGI Structured Return Fund smartly invests in equity index options to generate market-neutral returns with low volatility.

A Deeper Dive into Frac Sand

October 20, 2016 As the US shale-oil industry booms and busts, so too does the frac sand industry. In a year of OPEC production uncertainties and wave of US well closures, our Grassroots Research℠ team takes a deeper dive into frac sand demand and prices.

Election Countdown: Taxation

October 17, 2016 Amid a most astounding presidential campaign season, tax policy has gone virtually unnoticed. Kristina Hooper looks past the rhetoric to shed light on the candidates' tax proposals and what a Clinton or Trump victory could mean for the US economy.

Factor-Based Investing Is on the Upswing

October 7, 2016 Long before "smart-beta" and style indices became popular, decades of research proved that risk premiums exist in the equity markets. But Benedikt Henne and Klaus Teloeken warn that using passive products naively can create serious risk-management issues.

Risk Assets Boosted by Hunt for Income and Total Return

October 5, 2016 Despite a volatile start to the year and a brief Brexit-related setback, risk assets like high-yield bonds, convertibles and equities have continued their upward climb. Doug Forsyth details the multiple factors fuelling their strong performance.

In Shift Toward Alternatives, Illiquid Alts Gain Ground

September 27, 2016 Kristina Hooper reviews the results of the 2016 RiskMonitor—AllianzGI’s annual survey of institutional investors. She finds that illiquid alternatives, and their high-octane potential, are gaining ground on their underperforming liquid counterparts.

Policymakers and Businesses Confront Reality: Adapt or Die

September 13, 2016 As the fourth industrial revolution proceeds, businesses will increasingly be forced to adapt or die, says our Fed expert Steve Malin. Fusing of technologies will open vast new opportunities for investors as new companies emerge in new industries.


  • Investor Education—Never Stop Learning

    Investor Education—Never Stop Learning

    Keep up-to-date on industry trends and investment fundamentals with these useful tools and guides.
  • Active Investing – It's about Alpha

    Active Investing – It's about Alpha

    Kristina Hooper discusses what investors can do in a low-return, low-rate environment.
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    5 Sector Investing Solutions

    Learn how to identify and capitalize on the key growth trends driving global markets
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    Do Smartphones Make Us Too Loss-Averse?

    New behavioral finance research shows how excessive portfolio monitoring could cause investors to make bad decisions.
  • Get Plugged In to Tech Investing

    Get Plugged In to Tech Investing

    The technology sector can provide attractive growth potential for investors' portfolios—a big benefit in a world where growth is hard to come by. Discover how to capitalize on today's high-tech "Golden Age of Innovation."
  • The Pros and Cons of Risk

    The Pros and Cons of Risk

    When you think about risk, do you only see a challenge?  Watch our new video to discover how it can also be an opportunity.

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