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Selected samples of the insights produced by academic experts at the Allianz Global Investors Center for Behavioral Finance.
Whitepaper: onRisks - The neglected variable affecting portfolio choices in the 21st century
Do Smartphones Make Us Too Loss-Averse? New research from our Center for Behavioral Finance shows how excessive portfolio monitoring can cause investors to focus too much on losses—and even make bad decisions. Minimizing "myopic loss aversion" takes a long-term focus and good digital design.

Give Sponsors a Safe Haven to Encourage 401(k) Innovation
Behavioral finance experts Shlomo Benartzi and John Payne argue that 401(k) plan design remains marooned in the past and explain why academics, businesses and government officials must work together to incubate new retirement-savings programs.

Picking a Winner
How the NFL draft illustrates that making the right choice is often a coin flip, a reality uncovered by behavioral finance expert Richard Thaler.

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