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This program uses behavioral finance to create more successful outcomes for plan participants.

Why We Created PlanSuccess

There is a crisis in our country’s retirement system. Traditional defined benefit plans that guaranteed lifelong income after retirement are being replaced by defined contribution plans, and yet only half of private-sector workers actually have access to them. Fewer still participate; even fewer maximize their savings potential and most do a poor job with investment decisions.

Research has shown that many of those poor decisions are rooted in human emotions and psychology. This leaves many plan fiduciaries struggling to help participants take full advantage of their plan, despite wide-ranging and expensive educational efforts.

The good news is that behavioral finance offers ways to tap into the same human emotions and psychology to create more successful outcomes for plan participants.

About PlanSuccess
To accomplish this, the Allianz Global Investors Center for Behavioral Finance developed the PlanSuccess System and the unique Certified Behavioral Finance Analyst (CBFA) certification program, which teaches financial advisors and retirement specialists how to use it.

The program focuses on developing an understanding of key behavioral principles and how to translate them into behavioral solutions using the PlanSuccess Behavioral Audit Tool.

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The Center for Behavioral Finance has developed a Code of Ethics to maintain and promote a high standard of conduct.
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