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One of the keys to a successful Defined Contribution plan is an appropriate mix of investment strategies. Allianz Global Investors offers an array of investments across a wide range of asset classes to help meet investors' ever-changing needs.

Navigating Market Dynamics on the Road to Retirement

The Allianz Global Investors’ Target-Date Funds go beyond static allocations by seeking to deliver risk mitigation beyond that of its strategic glidepath, as well as the potential to enhance returns during favorable market conditions. This focus on dynamic risk management takes the concept of target date funds one step closer to their true purpose as comprehensive investment vehicles designed to achieve investor’s retirement objectives and managing risk.

Stability Amid Market Shifts

Traditional allocations to stocks and bonds have proved particularly vulnerable to severe market shocks. Despite their appearance as risk managed investment options, target date funds were no exception during the global financial crisis, especially for those closest to retirement. It is then that risk mitigation is most important as investor’s nest eggs are the largest and the time left to recover from loss is the shortest.

Strategic Allocation Flexibility

To achieve their objectives, the Funds are managed with the full flexibility to enhance returns or de-risk depending on market conditions. Using this dynamic approach, the Fund’s assets are actively allocated among three key components:

  • Global Equities By investing across global equity markets, the Funds seek to benefit from the long-term growth potential provided by stocks of US and international companies.
  • Domestic Fixed Income To preserve principal, the Fund’s fixed-income component invests in high-quality domestic debt such as US Government bonds, investment-grade corporates, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) and cash equivalents.
  • Additional Opportunistic Asset Classes In seeking to further diversify the Funds and enhance their return potential, additional asset classes such as high-yield bonds, commodities and REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) may also be included but only when they are favored by a disciplined investment approach.
Within these components, appropriate investment strategies are selected from a wide range of Allianz Global Investors funds, as well as from carefully chosen third-party mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. When combined in one portfolio, our proprietary dynamic asset allocation approach can help achieve a meaningful, positive impact on an investor’s ability to realize their retirement objectives.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of any mutual fund carefully before investing. This and other information is contained in the fund’s prospectus and summary prospectus, which may be obtained by contacting your financial advisor. Click here for a complete list of the Allianz Funds prospectuses and summary prospectuses. Please read them carefully before you invest.

A Word About Risk: The Fund is exposed to the same types of risks as the underlying funds in which it invests. Investments in smaller companies may be more volatile andless liquid than investments in larger companies. Investments in commodities may be affected by overall market movements, changes in interest rates, and other factors such as weather, disease, embargoes and international economic and political developments. Convertible and fixed income securities, particularly high-yield or junk bonds,are subject to greater levels of credit and liquidity risk, may be speculative and may decline in value due to changes in interest rates or an issuer’s or counterparty’sdeterioration or default. Derivative prices depend on the performance of an underlying asset; derivatives carry market, credit and liquidity risk. Investing in a small number ofissuers may increase risk and volatility. Securities purchased in initial public offerings have no trading history, limited issuer information and increased volatility. Leverage canmagnify losses during adverse market conditions. Investing in mortgage- and asset-backed securities involves interest rate, credit, valuation, extension and liquidity risks andthe risk that payments on the underlying assets are delayed, prepaid, subordinated or defaulted on. Foreign markets may be more volatile, less liquid, less transparent andsubject to less oversight, and values may fluctuate with currency exchange rates; these risks may be greater in emerging markets. The cost of investing in the Fund willgenerally be higher than the cost of investing in a fund that invests directly in individual stocks and bonds. The target date included in the Fund’s name does not necessarily represent the specific year an investor will begin withdrawing assets. Principal value of the target date is not guaranteed at any time including at the target date. It is intended only as a general guide.

Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC, 1633 Broadway, New York NY, 10019-7585,, 1-800-926-4456.


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