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An Allianz SE International Pensions publication featuring unique perspectives on investments and retirement.
When Early Retirement Comes Too Soon
Policy makers and workers alike are open to extending the retirement age past the traditional 65. Despite their willingness to keep on working, however, Project M finds that many people end up leaving the workforce way too soon.

Does Loss Aversion Grow Weaker With Age?
As people get older, they focus more on what brings them joy, according to Project M. That could mean older retirees are more likely to ignore negative events such as financial losses—which could have big implications for plan sponsors and advisors.

Savings at the End of Time
Once they start saving, Americans can accrue surprisingly large sums, according to Project M: By the end of their lives, roughly one-third of Americans have $250,000 or more in real estate, business assets and other forms of non-annuitized wealth.

Birth Year Beats Data in Personal Asset Choices
Recent studies show how the era people grow up in can affect their investment choices. For example, Depression babies avoided stocks, Generation X favors them and the latest generation is shunning stocks once again. Project M explains.

A Better Way to Manage Risks at the Plan Level
A recent series of financial shocks has raised questions about some fundamental risk-management strategies—particularly diversification. Tactical asset allocation is one answer, says our Multi Asset team, but dynamic risk mitigation may be more viable.

Thank Serendipity, But Don't Depend on It
Many Americans caught a lucky break when it came to retirement preparation, but they can't afford to be complacent, says Head of US Retirement Strategy Glenn Dial.

Can Seniors’ Well-Being Be Measured … And Maintained?
Aging populations in both industrialized and emerging countries are posing a challenge to policymakers all over the world, but new research could help develop effective solutions.

No Second Chances
With opinions on the future growth of its economy divided and past performance probably not indicative of results to come, China needs to change its economic model – or face danger, according to economist George Magnus.

Taking Aim at Retirement Readiness
Why target-date funds are a smart choice for most American workers saving for their twilight years.

Looking at Longevity Through a New Lens
A new approach to predicting life expectancy could also help to price guarantees on retirement income streams, says economics professor David Blake.

Coping With Today's 'Longevity Revolution'
Did you know that by 2050, 2 billion people will be over age 60? To make sure the elderly are seen as a resource instead of a burden—and to help them age with dignity—global organizations are promoting policies that enhance life quality.

The Younger Wife’s Curse
Women typically marry older men and live longer, increasing their chances of being widowed. New research shows that older women are at greater risk of poverty in 27 out of 30 OECD countries.

Count on Convertibles in a Low-Yield World
With yields low, convertibles present a compelling investment case for investors seeking income. Not only can these hybrid securities be exchanged for equity, they can provide protection if increases in bond yields expose investors to losses.

Return of the Bull
Five years after one of the biggest financial crises in economic history, investors are still shell- shocked. How else can we explain bondholders accepting negative real bond yields with stock valuations so promising? asks Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel.


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