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Academic insights and white papers on critical retirement topics.

Transition Risk: Rethinking Investing for Retirement
  By Tim Friederich, David Karim and Dr. Wolfgang Mader

Learn about a critical but often overlooked risk that can have a significant impact on plan participants’ retirement income. This white paper explores “transition risk”—the risk taken when investors move from the accumulation (savings) phase to the income (spending) phase.

The Fiduciary Considerations of Selecting the Right Target-Date Fund for Your Plan
  By Bradford P. Campbell, Drinker, Biddle & Reath

Market gyrations in recent years highlighted an important fact: Not all target-date funds are created equal. In fact, target-date funds can differ significantly, from their underlying investment strategies to their fees. As the number of target-date funds continues to grow, along with their popularity, it is essential that the plan fiduciary understands these differences and considers them as part of a prudent selection process.

More Perspective on the Target-Date 'To-Versus-Through' Choice
  By Joseph C. Nagengast, Target Date Analytics

One of the most controversial debates about target-date funds has been whether they should be managed “to” or “through” the target date. Target Date Analytics aims to bring clarity to that question by examining the underlying assumptions in the to/through distinction to provide plan sponsors and their advisors with the information needed to make informed decisions.


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