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Fed's Words Mean More Than Actions

April 27, 2016 The Fed holding steady on rates in April was long anticipated. But expectations for the Fed's next meeting in June are looking a lot less certain according to our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team.

Earnings and the Dollar: What You Need to Know

April 25, 2016 First quarter earnings thus far show the continued negative impact of a strong US dollar, says Kristina Hooper. But with the greenback's recent weakening, investors should pay closer attention to what’s driving dollar fluctuations.

Decision Days: Key Data Points to Watch for in the Week Ahead

April 22, 2016 All eyes are on the Bank of Japan and the Fed as policymakers are set to meet next week—bringing monetary decisions to the forefront for global investors, says US Investment Strategist Greg Meier.

How Behaviors and Biases Impact Markets

April 22, 2016 Human behaviors and biases have a tremendous impact on market performance. In a new paper, the Systematic team looks into behavioral biases exhibited by four key market participants: investors, company management, sell-side analysts and regulators.

Despite Meltdown, Oil-Price Outlook Improving

April 19, 2016 With oil production falling and demand expected to grow, inventories should decline and prices should increase. Portfolio Manager Paul Strand says the "right" price for oil is near the mid-$50s, which makes energy an attractive buy at today's levels.

Are FANG Stocks Long in the Tooth?

April 15, 2016 It's hard to get too negative on the outlook for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, writes Portfolio Manager Walter Price. Just keep in mind that even fast-growing companies eventually reach their market potential and see their growth rates decline.

Final Fiduciary Duty Rule Is Just Getting Started

April 13, 2016 At 923 pages, the US Department of Labor's recently released final fiduciary duty rule is a long and complex slog. Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, provides some clarity to help financial advisors move forward.

A Better Way to Manage Risks at the Plan Level

April 13, 2016 A recent series of financial shocks has raised questions about some fundamental risk-management strategies—particularly diversification. Tactical asset allocation is one answer, says our Multi Asset team, but dynamic risk mitigation may be more viable.

Department of Labor Fiduciary Duty Regulation in 2016

April 5, 2016 Fiduciary duty regulation looks to be hotly debated in 2016. Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, answers the most pressing questions.

March Jobs Report: Labor Force Growth Steals the Show

April 1, 2016 Our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team says the strength of the March US jobs report is the result of persistent hiring and labor market expansion.

Fear and Loathing on the GOP Campaign Trail

March 31, 2016 In a political season that astonishes, Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, explains how the GOP's good intentions have been cast aside by primary voters in a lurch toward the abyss.

Beyond Measure: The Costs of Terrorism

March 28, 2016 The horrific terrorist attacks of the past week suggest that terrorism is likely to play a more prominent role in the investment landscape, leading to increased volatility for stocks as well as possibly oil prices, writes Kristina Hooper.

The 3 Keys to Active Investing

February 10, 2016 Global Strategist Neil Dwane says investors must navigate increasingly volatile markets by being more ACTive: agile, confident and thorough. Explore our global outlook and its investment implications in his summary of our latest Investment Forum.


  • Do Smartphones Make Us Too Loss-Averse?

    Do Smartphones Make Us Too Loss-Averse?

    New behavioral finance research shows how excessive portfolio monitoring could cause investors to make bad decisions.
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    Get Plugged In to Tech Investing

    The technology sector can provide attractive growth potential for investors' portfolios—a big benefit in a world where growth is hard to come by. Discover how to capitalize on today's high-tech "Golden Age of Innovation."
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  • The Pros and Cons of Risk

    The Pros and Cons of Risk

    When you think about risk, do you only see a challenge?  Watch our new video to discover how it can also be an opportunity.

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