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Two Perspectives on Online Shopping in India

June 30, 2015 India's e-commerce opportunities are poised to increase thanks to the growing adoption of 3G and 4G connectivity. Grassroots Research's Joey Wong explores the implications for consumers, merchants and investors.

Greece Firestorm Won't Stifle Consumer Comeback

June 29, 2015 Failed talks over remedies for Greece's worsening debt situation may be a distraction in the short run, but fundamentals like job creation and a healthier consumer play a more important role in the long run, writes Kristina Hooper.

How Sustainable Is China's Rally?

June 26, 2015 China's markets may look frothy, but CIO Equity Asia Pacific Raymond Chan says valuations are not yet extreme. The key is understanding the intentions of policymakers, who plan to use a booming equity market to achieve much-needed reforms.

Lower-for-Longer Accommodation Still Underwriting Risk

June 25, 2015 With global growth still slow, central banks have obliged markets with "a giant put option," writes Global CIO Andreas Utermann, fundamentally altering the supply/demand balance for bonds and contributing to ongoing bouts of volatility.

Rail and Retail Traffic Point to GDP Expansion

June 24, 2015 Despite disappointing growth in the first quarter, the final GDP estimate was revised higher and recent consumer spending and rail-car traffic suggest a bounce in second-quarter GDP growth.

How to Play the Fed's Big News Day

June 18, 2015 Although the FOMC tried hard not to make headlines, there's still plenty to parse in its latest communications. Get the highlights and investment implications from our US Capital Markets Research & Strategy team.

Why Smart Beta Indexing Isn't Enough

June 17, 2015 Actively diversifying across various risk premiums—small-cap, value, momentum—can help stabilize returns over time, while cushioning the blow of a sizeable drawdown in a single style or asset class, says portfolio manager Klaus Teloeken, Ph.D.

2015 RiskMonitor

June 16, 2015 Managing investment risk, in its various guises and manifestations, remains a fundamental challenge for institutional investors globally. Memories of the financial crisis may be fading but the long-term scars remain.

Why Credit Risk Trumps Duration in High Yield

June 12, 2015 In advance of Fed liftoff, it's worth noting that timing and priority don't make a bond a better investment. Portfolio manager Jim Dudnick explains why credit risk plays a more prominent role in high-yield bond returns than duration risk.

Simplifying the Complexity of Fiduciary Duty Regs

June 9, 2015 Peter Lefkin, head of government and external affairs at Allianz of America, takes a look at how the DOL aims to broaden fiduciary standards for advisors, and highlights the proposed rule's unintended consequences.

May Jobs Report Points to Fall Liftoff

June 5, 2015 Kristina Hooper provides a quick snapshot of today's employment data and what it means for the Fed's first rate hike since 2006.

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