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However investors view the problem of climate change – perhaps as a threat to carbon-intensive industries or as an opportunity to contribute to the greater good – ignoring its effects on portfolios increasingly seems like a short-sighted option. Fortunately, there are many ways investors can incorporate this urgent issue into their strategies.
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On January 15, UK prime minister Theresa May suffered a resounding parliamentary defeat on her EU withdrawal bill. An unsettled couple of weeks now lie ahead.

Tackling Today's Market Risks by Looking Beyond Core Bonds

Investor need income despite a low-yield environment. With traditional bonds not currently offering the financial rewards they once did, now may be the time to rethink your core fixed-income strategy.

Rethink your core
Why active?
In a late-cycle economy, asset-class returns tend to be modest, suggesting a difficult environment for passive portfolios that merely track an index. Moreover, as central-bank stimulus is withdrawn, passive investors could be further hurt by rising volatility and falling correlations. It all adds up to an environment that could provide attractive opportunities for active investors.
Why active?
Short termism has had an increasing influence over investment decisions. Here, CEO Andreas Utermann argues that ESG gives managers an opportunity to refocus on the longer term – which can also increase the chance of outperformance.

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