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FANG stocks have added fuel to a booming stock market, but has their success distracted investors from the need to drive growth across the global economy? Perhaps this New Year is the perfect time to encourage boardrooms to renew their focus on proper long-term investment and real R&D.
Neil Dwane | 12/29/2017
Long-term, ESG investment strategies can yield better returns, as evidenced by the MSCI KLD 400 Index. For investors seeking to align their values with their investments ,ESG investing doesn’t have to pose a headwind to their portfolios.
Christian McCormick | 12/21/2017
Capital Markets & Economics
Incoming Fed chair Jerome Powell will have big shoes to fill in the coming year. Recent statements suggest that the scope, scale and pace of regulatory rollback could be impressive as he navigates the challenges of operating the world’s most powerful bank – and builds his credibility.
Steven Malin | 12/08/2017
Investment Themes
The gradual reversal of expansionary monetary policies – at differing paces globally – will require some investors to adjust their approaches. Protecting purchasing power will remain a priority as official inflation understates real-world costs.
Grassroots℠ Research
More than 840 people recently spoke to our Grassroots Research team about their spending habits, financial goals and more. Among them were members of generation Z – a young demographic that, at least for now, places a much greater emphasis on lifestyle experiences over retirement savings.
Kelly A. Reuba | 11/17/2017
Capital Markets & Economics
On September 27, President Trump announced the “framework” for comprehensive US tax reform. Passing the bill will not be easy, but it could simplify the current tax code, increase economic growth and support the US consumer – all while adding to the estimated $1.4 trillion deficit.
Mona Mahajan | 09/29/2017

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