Dialed In to Retirement

Dialed In to Retirement
Long viewed as a retirement savings vehicle, Target Date Funds (TDFs) are experiencing something of an identity crisis amid a deluge of baby boomer retirements. For plan sponsors and participants alike, account balances are being eclipsed by income projections as a TDF’s key indicator of financial wellness in retirement.
Glenn A. Dial | 10/11/2017
Dialed In to Retirement
Fortunate is the financial advisor bullish on US stocks in recent years. But more fortunate will be those who prepare clients for the inevitable market downturn. This is one of the most important things an advisor can do says Glenn Dial, and now is the time.
Glenn A. Dial | 07/27/2017
Dialed In to Retirement
Target Date Funds (TDFs) have transformed retirement investing, but the static approach to the glidepath leaves many investors at risk. A more dynamic strategy is needed, and Glenn Dial says it all begins with defining what dynamic investing actually is.
Glenn A. Dial | 05/25/2017
Dialed In to Retirement
For Target Date Funds (TDFs), the focus has always been on reaching retirement day. Now, on the brink of a baby boomer exodus from the workforce, Glenn Dial says TDFs should aim way past the target date to focus on retirement income, and lots of it.
Glenn A. Dial | 03/24/2017
Dialed In to Retirement
The DOL fiduciary rule's far-sweeping changes have placed risk management front and center for financial advisors. From practice management to portfolio risk, Glenn Dial says the stakes are elevated, even after the election.
Glenn A. Dial | 11/29/2016
Dialed In to Retirement
The idea that investment diversification can enhance returns and lower risk hasn't played out as planned in post-crisis markets. This may come as a surprise to retirement investors, who should now consider a more dynamic approach according to Glenn Dial.
Glenn A. Dial | 08/05/2016
Dialed In to Retirement
Now that the Obama administration has imposed its final fiduciary rule, financial advisors must interpret and implement this regulation in all its complexity. Glenn Dial cuts to the chase with five key takeaways from the enormous 923-page document.
Glenn A. Dial | 05/19/2016
Dialed In to Retirement
For retirement investors leaving the workforce in the next year, 2016 is shaping up to be a tricky time to make the transition. Glenn Dial says heightened volatility could cause many to wonder how they can be so close to retirement—but feel so unsettled.
Glenn A. Dial | 03/17/2016
Dialed In to Retirement
Financial advisors and retirement planning specialists are facing potential regulatory changes that could transform just about every aspect of their business. Here's what you should be looking out for with the DOL's proposed fiduciary duty regulation.
Glenn A. Dial | 01/22/2016
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