Grassroots℠ Research

Grassroots℠ Research
More than 840 people recently spoke to our Grassroots Research team about their spending habits, financial goals and more. Among them were members of generation Z – a young demographic that, at least for now, places a much greater emphasis on lifestyle experiences over retirement savings.
Kelly A. Reuba | 11/17/2017
Grassroots℠ Research
Although China is in the midst of a broad financial deleveraging effort, consumer credit has grown more than 20% year over year. Our Grassroots℠ Research team looked into what’s driving this trend and found widespread use of personal loans for personal consumption.
Joey Wong | 11/10/2017
Grassroots℠ Research
In 2017, corporate travel spending is expected to be flat or up slightly year-to-year. Despite heightened global security concerns, travel policies are not changing for most, while a few cited investments in duty of care risk-management programs.
Grassroots℠ Research
Aging US water infrastructure translates to increased municipal spending in 2017, focusing on replacements rather than repairs, and a commitment to follow through on planned investments. Grassroots℠ Research shows that this trend is likely to continue.
Grassroots℠ Research
As China's banking industry sets out to improve transparency, Grassroots℠ Research analyst Joey Wong says a new breed of lower-risk wealth-management products and a healthier mortgage market support a more positive view of the country’s banks
Grassroots℠ Research
As television and the internet become more integrated, satellite and cable providers are presenting a plethora of new subscriber packages. Grassroots℠ Research shows that consumers are captivated, with many inclined to negotiate new package agreements.
Grassroots℠ Research
Microlending is a proven way for developing economies to advance and for small businesses to build a bridge to bigger bank loans. Recent Grassroots℠ research shows just how effective and competitive the microlending market can be as practiced in Mexico.
Grassroots℠ Research
When Grassroots surveyed coal and steel manufacturers in China about recent capacity reduction orders, we learned many didn't meet their targets. And now with the potential for protectionism from the Trump administration, production looks more uncertain.
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