View From Our Global Strategist

View From Our Global Strategist
FANG stocks have added fuel to a booming stock market, but has their success distracted investors from the need to drive growth across the global economy? Perhaps this New Year is the perfect time to encourage boardrooms to renew their focus on proper long-term investment and real R&D.
Neil Dwane | 12/29/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
An abundance of oil, thanks largely to US shale, has pushed down oil prices and sector sentiment. But since that means less investment in new production sources, the bearish market may soon rebalance from fears of oversupply to concerns over shortages – which would push prices higher.
Neil Dwane | 11/02/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
Investors have profited handsomely from FANG stocks and their Big Tech brethren, but US and European regulators are responding to growing concerns about their behavior. These masters of high-tech disruption may soon find themselves competing on a more regulated – and more level – playing field.
Neil Dwane | 10/31/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
In early September, our strategists, economists and portfolio managers from around the globe convened in New York for our semi-annual Investment Forum. Their goal? To explore the way forward for our clients in a world where taking risk is necessary to earn a return, but where opportunities are getting harder to find.
Neil Dwane | 09/21/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
In a potentially troubling sign for global growth, productivity has been declining for decades. In the first of a series on productivity, Neil Dwane explores why businesses, governments and investors need to find ways to solve the productivity puzzle.
Neil Dwane | 08/08/2017
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After a strong first half to 2017 for equities, the message for the remainder of the year is to seek returns more carefully. Neil Dwane says the "country factor" is key: Investors can no longer rely on a rising tide of cyclical data to lift all boats.
Neil Dwane | 08/02/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
The rising global tide that supported equities and other risk assets over the past year is going out, Neil Dwane tells Bloomberg, and generating returns going forward will become more tricky.
Neil Dwane | 07/24/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
The "United States of Europe" (USE) has been a work in progress since the end of World War II. Now, with fallout from the financial crisis abating and political risk subsiding, Neil Dwane says Europe is offering compelling investment opportunities.
Neil Dwane | 07/18/2017
View From Our Global Strategist
Neil Dwane summarizes our recent AllianzGI Asia Conference in Berlin: Increased intra-regional trade, reform-minded leaders and positive demographic trends help Asia provide the growth and income potential that today’s investors need.
Neil Dwane | 06/15/2017
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