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Stay up to date with our documents and updates covering the tax implications of investing, including dividend and captial-gain distributions.

Capital Markets & Economics
Despite the near-boundless markets of 2017, there are four key drivers likely to power the year ahead. The Fed, tax reform, geopolitics and a return to volatility – and opportunity – are in line to support our cautious optimism.

Tackling Today's Market Risks by Looking Beyond Core Bonds

Investor need income despite a low-yield environment. With traditional bonds not currently offering the financial reqards they once did, now may be the time to rethink your core fixed-income strategy.

Rethink your core

Capital Markets & Economics
On September 27, President Trump announced the “framework” for comprehensive US tax reform. Passing the bill will not be easy, but it could simplify the current tax code, increase economic growth and support the US consumer – all while adding to the estimated $1.4 trillion deficit.
Long-term, ESG investment strategies can yield better returns, as evidenced by the MSCI KLD 400 Index. For investors seeking to align their values with their investments ,ESG investing doesn’t have to pose a headwind to their portfolios.

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Our collection of simple, compelling educational material sheds light on today's complicated market topics and explains them in a way that’s easy to digest.

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Actively-managed mutual funds with the breadth and precision to maximize returns and mitigate risks in markets around the world.
Timely, insightful market and economic analysis from our talented group of thought leaders and industry experts.
Active investment management is all about actively managing risk - to strategically mitigate, eliminate or enhance.

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